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Now it's time to take a step closer in our "relationship circle" as we begin to talk about our friends.

Even though we have taken a step in closer in this "relationship circle" we are still not talking about those friends that are closest to us. This "level" of friends are those that we spend some time and hang out with but, again, aren't the ones we'd tell our deepest secrets to.

ALL relationships can be difficult and those with our friends are no exception. Again, because our friendships are made up of people we deal with disappointments and frustrations. Sometimes this is due to what others have done and, sometimes, it is due to what WE have done in this relationship.

If you've never done this, I would ask that you draw a series of circles with the center being in the shape of a heart. (This is kind of like a bulls eye but, again, with your heart at the middle).

Now, after drawing the heart in the center, draw your first ring out from there a little bit and then, draw another ring beyond that one and so on until you have about five rings. This will help you in what we are discussing in this series.

In the area between the heart and the first ring write the names of those in your family that you are the closest to whether it be your spouse or some other family member. I understand that there may be some friends that are even closer to you than your spouse but, for this purpose, I'd like you to put your spouse there if you have one and, if not, the family member that you are closet to.

Now, in the space between that ring and the next one, write down the names of your CLOSET friend or friends. These need to be those (or, it may be only one) that, again, you would share your deepest and darkest secrets with KNOWING that they would protect that and keep it safe. These are the people that know you better than you know yourself at times.

In the space between that ring and the next one write down the names of that group of friends that you like to spend time with and hang out at the movies, ballgames, etc. True, your closest friends may be a part of this group as well but these are the people that you enjoy hanging around but you may NOT necessarily share your inner thoughts with. Write down as many as you want here - it is totally up to you.

If you want to go ahead and take this out further based on our earlier discussions and, in the next area between rings you can either write down some names OR just write the word, "coworkers". And, then, past that you can write down words such as, "waiter/waitress", "parking attendant", etc. BONUS POINTS for yourself IF you can put some names to these relationships!

This simply gives you a visual of what I have been discussing during this series and will also help you to clarify who in your life fits in these categories.

Now, for today's purposes, look at the names that you wrote down in that category of "friends" that you enjoy hanging around. Who are they? What are their names?

Do they help you with your positive mindset OR do they tend to be on the negative side? Are they a help or a hindrance in this area?

Are they people that you can trust and are they people that honor your relationship ALL of our relationships are important. ALL of our relationships not only bear OUR "relational fingerprints" but they also have an impact upon OUR lives.

Sometimes it is necessary to make changes in this area of friends IF we find that they are not helpful in keeping our minds focused on improving our lives.

Friend, it is totally up to you. No one can answer those questions about this particular area of friends for you.

Give it some thought and be the BEST that you can be in each area of these relationships!

Until next time...

"Make it an AWESOME day! (Who else is going to do it for you?)"


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