Wednesday, March 21, 2012


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So far this week I have asked you to write up two different lists... one was a list of the things under the heading of, "If I had the time, I would..." and then, yesterday, I asked that you make a list of your daily schedule. Here's an important note on this last one - don't write down what you PLAN to do but, rather, what you actually DID do.

Why have I asked you to do these things? To help you realize that you DO have the time to do more than you think you do. It's already there! I've already emphasized the fact that we ALL have the exact same amount of time available to each of us even though some get more out of their day than others.

We're not talking about "making" more time but, instead, "re-purposing" the time we already have. Think about that phrase, "re-purposing" and combine that with the topic we discussed in last week's articles and you will see that we are talking about deciding to use certain blocks of time for a particular "purpose" other than that for which it is already being used.

It is deciding to CHANGE the purpose for that particular block of time. Remember, the time is there but you may not be using it in a productive way. "If I only had more time..." That just isn't going to happen but it IS possible to FREE UP some of the time you already have.

Let me say this so that no one misunderstands: There is absolutely NOTHING WRONG with taking some time for yourself and relaxing in whatever way you choose. Sure, it may be watching a soap opera or something else on television. It may be just kicking back on the couch and doing absolutely NOTHING. However, the problem comes when that one television show turns into two or three and that thirty minute "nap" turns into a two hour "sleep fest".

What time is available for you to "re-purpose"? Look at the sheet that I asked you to start putting together that shows your daily activity one hour at a time. I can't answer that question for you and only YOU can answer it honestly IF you are actually wanting to accomplish more during your day.

You may decide that even that one television show is not really worth that chunk being taken out of your day. You may decide that instead of sitting mindlessly in front of the television that you will read something of value instead. You may decide that the time spent on a social networking site could be better spent researching and developing a home-based business. **NOTE: Be careful any time you are on the computer. It is very easy to allow yourself to become distracted checking e-mail accounts and still thinking you are going to check that social network site out for "just a couple of minutes" and then end up getting nothing done that you actually set out to do.

Want to read your Bible more or pray more? Take a look at that daily activity (schedule) sheet that you have filled out and be amazed at how much time is actually available to do just that. By the way, LISTENING to the Bible on audio is a great way to accomplish this AS you do something else at the same time.

CHALLENGE: Take an honest look at what you actually do during an average day and see how much "extra" time you find available for you to use in a different much time you can "re- purpose". You will likely be amazed as long as you are being completely honest with what you wrote down as you went through the day. (Chatting with a friend on-line is NOT an "on-line business meeting").

Oh, and the title, "Time Bandits"? You've already begun to discover and unveil them in your schedule. Time Bandits are all of those "things" in your day that take up your time and give you nothing in return. They TAKE - even STEAL - from you and your desire to accomplish and/or do more.

We'll touch on this some more tomorrow but begin to think about that you are finding time to be "re-purposed", what things from that first list ("things I would do if...") can now be done?

Find the TIME BANDITS in your day and "put them in jail" and throw away the key! Hey, it is YOUR day, right?

Think about it and join me again tomorrow as we continue this discussion. But, until then, be sure to...

"Make it an AWESOME day! (Who else is going to do it for you?)"

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