Thursday, March 22, 2012

TIME: Where Did THAT Come From?

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As you are discovering, it's no magic trick to start finding time that you thought didn't exist. We're NOT pulling something "magically" out of a hat even though it may seem to "magically" appear.

Hopefully, by following through with the lists I have asked you to put together this week you have been able to see that, although you are not gaining any EXTRA time, you are finding that there is time available to you that can be "re-purposed" and used for something better than it's current use.

Magic? No. Smart and productive? Yes and yes!

So, now let's go back to that first list I had you put together at the start of the week that had you list what you would do IF only you had the time. Get it out - go on - and now take a look at it along with the schedule of your daily activities. (I'll wait.)

Now then, when you look over your daily activities, did you find that you had some time that you could "re-purpose"? (Go back and read yesterday's article on this). How MUCH time did you find that you could actually re-purpose for something that would be more productive for you?

Add up how much time you found that could be re-purposed...go ahead, add it up. Did you find one extra hour? Two? Three? Maybe even more? Again, some of you may say that you are busy from the time you get up until the time you go to bed. I'm not doubting that some of you are very busy but - let's be honest - very rarely does anyone actually have NO time during their day.

But, if you are one of those that believe that to be true about your day then consider the idea of getting up an hour earlier or staying up an hour later. Hey, it's just a thought for those that feel that there is absolutely NO time in their daily schedule to be "re-purposed".

Now, go back to that first list of the things you would do if you had the time. BINGO. You have found the time (that was there all along), now what can/will you do with it? Listen, I realize that you aren't going to be able to take an extra vacation by finding one or two hours available during your day. I mean, it's not like you can accumulate them and use them like vacation days at work, right?

But, WHAT IF you used that "extra" time to research and get involved in some sort of home-based business that would bring in the extra income you'd need to take that vacation? (Be very careful - DO THE RESEARCH - before deciding on such an opportunity). Maybe there is even something you can do "in person" as opposed to being on line that could bring you some extra income.

Perhaps you put on your list the desire to get a college degree. Again, do the research and see what is available for you - even on-line.

HERE'S THE POINT: Now that you realize - and actually SEE it for yourself - that you have the time available, it is now up to you to DO something with that time. It is now time for YOU to decide what PURPOSE you will now dedicate this time for during your day. It does no good at all to "find" this time and not re-purpose it for something useful and valuable.

GET SERIOUS about this and DO SOMETHING that will make a difference in your life. Hey, if nothing else, you have realized that time DOES exist in your day. Now it's up to you as to what you plan to do with it.

Well? Stop talking about it and start DOING it and LIVING it. I know this is going to sound corny but...THE TIME IS NOW.

Be sure to join me tomorrow as I look at another purpose for which we all can use this "re-purposed" time in our day. But, until then, be sure to...

"Make it an AWESOME day! (Who else is going to do it for you?)"

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