Wednesday, March 28, 2012


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We actually began this journey in last week's podcast and blog when I began talking about our use of time and the need for us to "re-purpose" some of our time so that we can use it for what is really important to us. I even had you make a list of all the things that you would do IF you only had the time and, we all discovered that the time was actually there all along.

Along with that I had you make a list of your daily activities and encouraged you to carry that out for at least a week so that you could get a pretty good picture of what was really important to you in your life and to also find those "time bandits" that most of us have in our schedules. By finding those "time bandits" and "re-purposing" that time for something more important and of more value we can actually "get more" out of the same 24 hours that we all have.

The natural connection is this: we FIND the time or TAKE the time to do what is important to us and, that being so, we FIND the time or TAKE the time for those things that are PRIORITIES in our lives.

So, this week, as I have been discussing priorities, I've asked that you go back and use that same daily schedule to pinpoint what your priorities actually are. What are they? The things that we have found that we spend most of our time doing in a day. I also asked that you make a heading on a piece of paper that read, "What I WANT My Priorities to Be" and then to list all of the things that you WANT to be of importance or a priority in your life.

Most - if not all of us - will find that what we WANT and what we HAVE are not always the same thing...even in this area of priorities. So, here's where the real work begins...we have the tools before us to discover what our priorities actually ARE (and we may discover that they are not even OUR priorities!) and how to compare them to what we WISH they were.


As usual, that is up to you. Oh, wouldn't it be easy if I could just fix it for you or if you could go to bed and, in the morning it be all corrected? We know better than that yet, many of us still expect it to happen without us actually having to DO anything or make any decisions that require action on our part.

But that, my friend, is NOT reality. Now that we have been able to take a look and see what IS as opposed to what we wish WAS, it's now time to get busy and decide how important (how much of a PRIORITY) it is to get our PRIORITIES straight!

It's easy to talk about and even exciting to SEE what CAN be but, friend, if you don't TAKE ACTION then you will stay right where you are. It is IMPOSSIBLE to move forward by standing still.

So, YOU decide. Re-purpose whatever time you need to in order to start getting these PRIORITIES at the top (uh, that's what MAKES them a priority, right?) and stop making excuses.

Be sure to listen to the podcast for some more insight on'll be glad you did!

Get on with this thing called life and make it YOUR life with YOUR priorities. Again, you'll be glad you did! Until next time, be sure to...

"Make it an AWESOME day! (Who else is going to do it for you?)"

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