Friday, March 23, 2012

TIME for Spiritual Growth

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Perhaps one of the things you put on your list of things you would do if you had more time was to pray more and/or to read the Bible more. Many people have this desire and, from my experience, this is one of the main "New Year's Resolutions" that many believers make. And, like most other resolutions, this one lasts for a month or two (at most) and then it goes by the wayside with all the others.

But now that you have discovered that there IS time in your daily schedule to be "re-purposed" then why not use it to spend more time in prayer and in the Word? That is, of course, if it is a desire of yours.

I heard a guy on the radio the other day ask the following question, "Why don't you pray more?" After he asked that he stated that he would not take, "I don't have time" as an answer to his question. Why? He continued by saying that we MAKE time for what is important to us. Again, we can't "make" time but we DO "take" time for what is important to us. It's called "priority".

How much of a PRIORITY is spending more time in prayer and in the Word to you? Only YOU can answer that question.

So, this blog entry is short and to the point. The time is there. The it really there? If so, then you have nothing holding you back. Especially when you consider all the technical devices available to us today to make "reading the Bible" (getting INTO the Word) so much easier for us. Hey, if you have a smart phone you can access a Bible app and read while waiting in line to pick up your kids or while waiting at the doctors office, etc. Right? If you have some sort of an audio version of the Bible you can listen to it just about anytime, anywhere. Right?

And, as far as prayer can do that anytime and anywhere as well. Right? (Just don't close your eyes doing it while driving, o.k.?)

No more excuses. What better purpose than to "re-purpose" your time for this type of activity. Do'll be glad you did!

Thanks for joining me for this series! Be sure to join me next time and, until then, be sure to...

"Make it an AWESOME day! (Who else is going to do it for you?)"

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