Wednesday, March 11, 2015

RUTS: Duplication and Repetition

Once again, here are some of the original thoughts that I had jotted down from a recent sermon that I heard on "ruts":
A path or routine you follow day after day
A rut is fixed, rigid
A rut is not creative
A rut is not flexible
A rut cannot change easily
A rut is a route that is safe and gets me there
** "A rut is a grave with both ends knocked out"

I've pointed this out every time I've spoken about in via the podcast or even in writing through the blog but, DID YOU NOTICE THAT LAST ONE?

Today, I'm going to discuss the FACT that even "duplication" and "repetition" can become dangerous ruts.  Like most ruts, they can be something that brings about good, positive results but, as already mentioned, they can also become very dangerous and detrimental.
If you are involved (or have been involved) in any "work-from-home opportunity" or "home business" then you are very familiar with the terms, "duplication" and "repetition". For those of you that haven't, "duplication" is the word used to describe a program that has an "easy to follow system" that can be "duplicated" (or followed and copied) by anyone that follows the system or pattern. "Repetition" simply speaks to the idea of then following and implementing that "duplicatable system" over and over again.
Many times those promoting duplication and repetition will compare the process to that of following a recipe. If you follow the recipe for an apple pie, you won't come out with biscuits and gravy.
Makes sense, right?
However, if someone gives you their own personal recipe for a cake they have never cooked because they have never cooked ANYTHING before then, chances are, the "cake" that is produced is not going to be much of a cake (if even that!) even though you follow the recipe exactly. And, no matter how many times you follow - or repeat - that "recipe", the result will always be the same.
Does THAT make sense?
It should and, yet, so many people "blindly" follow a "recipe" that is doomed for failure and are surprised and disappointed when they end up with exactly that...FAILURE.
So, if what you duplicate and repeat is a system that produces failure or inferior results then, guess what? You'll get the same thing. Sometimes, there actually may be a better way to do what has been done before. Rarely is this not true. At some point in time things change and improve (including ideas, thoughts and opinions).
I'm sorry but, if someone promotes their recipe for an "incredible - the MOST amazing - chocolate cake that has EVER been created then - guess what? - they should be able to produce a sample of their own product that has come from following that recipe. Right?
If you ask them for that "sample" and they tell you, "Well, I have never been successful at making that cake BUT I know someone else that has!" Then, if you ask them if it was the person that gave them the recipe and they say, "No, but it was the person that first introduced this recipe to the person that gave it to the person that gave it to the person that gave it to the person that told me about it"...will you be convinced of the "incredible and amazing" features of this recipe?
I know this flies in the face of just about every "opportunity" out there and the system by which so many in these "opportunities" swear, but friend, how does this mindset even make sense?
Be careful WHAT you follow, WHO you follow and WHY you choose to follow them.
Think about this: the blind can easily lead the blind in a rut. Why? Because, again, a rut controls your path and direction. That's the very nature of a rut.
Take the time to listen to the podcast (see the two links below) to get more of my thoughts on this, but here's the thing to be aware of even with "duplication" and "repetition": BOTH of these (duplication and repetition) could be a rut or turn into a rut if you are not careful.
I will close out this series in the next article, be sure to join me then. Until that time, always be sure to...

"Make it an AWESOME day! (Who else is going to do it for you?)"

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