Monday, March 9, 2015

RUTS: Get In or Get Out

Again, here's just a quick reminder of the things we've noticed about ruts...
A path or routine you follow day after day
A rut is fixed, rigid
A rut is not creative
A rut is not flexible
A rut cannot change easily
A rut is a route that is safe and gets me there
** "A rut is a grave with both ends knocked out"

Now, chances are, there are some of you (is it YOU?) that think that you couldn't ever get in a rut. If so, please go back a few weeks and re-read and listen again to the podcast on the series, "3 Dangerous Myths to Avoid" and be sure to listen to #3: "That Would Never Happen to Me!".
Yeah. I'm guessing that ALL of us get into some sort of rut at one time or another...don't think that you are immune to these pitfalls.
Too, there are some of you that think that you can stay in the rut and that you can "handle" or "control" that rut. Here's a FACT that you need to know:
You don't control or handle the rut - the RUT handles or controls YOU!
Don't let your ego keep you in that rut. More than likely, if you think that you can't get in a rut or that you are not in a rut, you ARE in a rut and the reason you can't see it is because the rut is so deep that you can't see over the "sides" of the rut!
Make sense?
Again, don't think you can "handle" the rut - YOU MUST GET OUT! The only way to do that is to take or develop a different route. Changes must be made! You don't have to turn your life upside down while doing this - you may begin a "new path" next to the rut and then pay attention to when that "new path" needs maintenance. If you don't, that path will, again, turn into a rut. And, at times, you may need to take a completely different direction.
We must always be alert and paying attention to that needed maintenance or we will continuously find ourselves in those defeating ruts.
Take the time to listen to the podcast to hear more of my detailed thoughts on this part of this series and, please, share both the blog and the podcast with as many people as possible. I appreciate your help.
As the "sign" in the graphic above states, "Choose your rut carefully...".
How about this instead: "Choose to get out and stay out of that rut!"
In the next article and podcast we will discuss how "duplication" and "repetition" can also turn into a rut. Join me then and, between now and then, continue to...
"Make it an AWESOME day! (Who else is going to do it for you?)"

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