Wednesday, February 11, 2015

2nd of "3 Dangerous Myths to Avoid"

As always, if you've not had a chance to read the first blog article in this series (and/or listen to the 1st episode of the podcast in the series), be sure to take a few minutes to do so.

These are "3 Dangerous Myths to Avoid" that are a "disease" to any person, community, organization and yes, even to a society.

The first of these was covered in that last article - "It's Not My Fault", and now, let's continue on with my thoughts on the 2nd of these DANGEROUS myths:

If you want to hear my passion on this particular "dangerous myth", then you definitely need to listen to the podcast! I'm here to tell you, there are few things that get me "worked up" as quickly as the verbalization of this attitude, or in other words, TO HEAR SOMEONE ACTUALLY SAY THIS.

And, as I talk about on the podcast,  I did have a man (an older man, at that) say that to me during a situation when we were supposed to be working together on a particular "project"just the other day. The "task" that he didn't want to do because "it's not my job", was not much of a task at all. As a matter of fact, my hands were already full and I had already done a LOT of things and it would have been a BIG help - with very little effort on his part - for him to do this one small thing. But, when I asked him if he had done that, he actually said, "No, it's not my job."

I wish I could tell you that I handled that well, but I did not. I pretty much "unloaded" on him letting him know what a HORRIBLE attitude that I thought he had and that I really felt it was pretty pathetic for him to use that line in this situation.  Yeah, he had no doubt how I felt about his choice.


Friend, let me just caution you in this way: When you find yourself even THINKING this thought, you are headed for trouble. Sure, this is my personal opinion, but look again and you'll also see that it's my blog. See how that works? But, more than that, I have observed and studied people and situations for years and I really DO know what I am talking about.

This attitude is lazy and selfish and does NOTHING to help support and/or build any sort of team. 

Apply that to yourself as an individual and you will find that you will never really contribute to ANY team situation in any real way. In other words, you won't be of value and you can be - and will be - easily replaced.

I was going to suggest that you then apply this to a group of people but, in fact, you won't have to apply this thought to a group because it is CONTAGIOUS. (Remember me calling this a "disease" earlier?) This is a CONTAGIOUS DISEASE that will spread it's deadly poison throughout any organization and, again, even society.

I'll share with you the same advice that I gave to all three of my sons when they were still living at home and applying for summer jobs..."Always do MORE than what is expected of you!"

I would tell them that, by doing so, they would always have a job and always have a list of good references. Guess what? It's true.

Oh, I know that the idea of "doing more than what is expected" just really sounds strange to some people. These are the people that have been groomed in the "It's Not My Job" mentality and mindset but, friend, THIS DOES NOT NEED TO BE YOU.

Please be sure to take a few minutes to listen to the podcast to hear my thoughts on this more in depth. I know you'll be glad that you did.

Get rid of this dangerous - and poisonous - myth in your life and help spread this message to as many as possible by sharing this blog article as well as the podcast. OUR WORLD NEEDS THIS MESSAGE NOW!

Join me in the last article of this series as we discuss the final of the "3 Dangerous Myths to Avoid"
"It Will Never Happen to Me"

Whatever you do, each and every day, always be sure to...

"Make it an AWESOME day! (Who else is going to do it for you?)"


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