Friday, February 6, 2015

Are the Best Things in Life REALLY Free? (Part 3)

If you've not done so already, go back and read the 1st two articles of this series and also be sure to listen to the podcasts that go along with them. (See links below).

So far, I've covered all but the last three "items" from the graphic above. So, for the last three that remain, where do THEY fit in to all of this?


Let's go ahead and put these last three in with the rest of the group and take an "overall look" at the question of them being free or not...

"ITEM"                                            Is it FREE?                       Does it require an INVESTMENT?
hugs                                                      no                                                           Yes!
smiles                                                   no                                                            Yes!
friends                                                  no                                                            Yes!
kisses                                                   no                                                             Yes!
family                                                  no                                                             Yes!
sleep                                                    no                                                             Yes!
love                                                     no                                                             Yes!
laughter                                               no                                                             Yes!
good memories                                   no                                                             Yes!========================================================================

Every one of these things REQUIRES some sort of investment (be sure to read and listen to the previous articles and podcasts to get my full thoughts on this up to this point).
But here's one final "twist" I want to throw your way today...look at that very last one..."good memories".  Look at the rest of the list now and understand/realize that these things put together help create "good memories". Wouldn't you agree?

Listen, friend, I understand that you may have a lot of "bad" memories attached to your life. But, listen, the time MUST come when you decide that it is time to create some NEW and GOOD memories in and for your life. I also understand that, many times, when one has been "hurt" or disappointed by others, it is sometimes hard to "open up" and allow the "risk" of investment in and with others.
But, friend, life is worth LIVING and, sometimes, LIVING involves pain. When one makes an investment, they may gain or they may suffer loss. A smart investor knows that a good investment is one that "stands the test of time". So it is with your life. Allow yourself to invest in others and - at the same time - allow yourself to be "invested in" by others.
It's completely up to you to create those "good memories" and, the quicker you get started, the more of those memories you can create!
Bottom line: ENJOY each and every day and allow yourself to "open up" and to "be open" to all that life has to's a wonderful thing.
Until next time, continue to...
"Make it an AWESOME day! (Who else is going to do it for you?)"

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