Wednesday, February 25, 2015

YES, You Can! (Saying "YES" to Life)


Listen to me, now... if you haven't read and/or listened to the first part of this series, DO IT NOW! It is vitally important for YOU to understand, realize, accept and PROCLAIM that you ARE capable and able of accomplishing great things in and for YOUR life!

Be sure to go back to that last article and copy and print those 7 Daily Affirmations that I have for you there and begin to state them - OUT LOUD - each and every day so that you can begin to internalize the beliefs that you find stated there. 

You must first understand and CLAIM this very important fact: YES, YOU ARE!

You see, once we get to where we can begin to at least feel that, "You know what? I am beginning to feel that I actually AM capable of great things!", we can then begin to act more productively and more positively in everything that we do. We can then begin to understand, believe and PROCLAIM that, since I AM capable, then it is true that YES, I CAN actually accomplish these things in and for my life!

Listen, I love the story of the train that said, "I think I can, I think I can, I think I can" as much as the next guy but, can I be brutally blunt here? (Again, it's my blog so, yeah, I guess I can, right?) Although I understand the idea behind this "I think I can" statement, let me say that I think it is a bunch of WIMPY GARBAGE!

You are capable of far more than stating, "I THINK I can" with your fingers crossed!

Step out of the WIMPY SHADOW OF DOUBT (hey, I call it like I see it) and begin to proclaim, instead, the fact that... 
There is a BIG difference in "thinking" and "KNOWING" something to be true. Wouldn't you agree with that? Hey, listen, if you're not sure how to answer that, then think about this: Ask you husband, wife, boyfriend, girlfriend or whatever your situation is the following question: "Do you think I'm the one for you?".Now, you tell me if you want to hear them say, "I THINK so" or "I KNOW so!"?

A leader that expresses, "I THINK this is the way we should go" as opposed to, "I KNOW this is the right way!", will not have as many people (if any) follow them with any confidence.

"I THINK I can" leaves too many opportunities for excuses. "I KNOW I can" leaves no room for doubt or the need for ANY excuse!

The questions really is this: Do you really WANT to?

Wow, when you really think about it, once we established the fact that you ARE capable and able to accomplish great things in your life, THAT ALONE removed any and all excuses.

That may scare you. That may cause you to tremble, because too many of us have grown to rely on and get really comfortable with those excuses!

So, you see...YOU ARE capable of those things, but WILL YOU TAKE ACTON to DO those things?

I wish I could answer that for you. Well, actually, I DON'T wish I could answer that for you. I don't even WANT to do that for you. It has to come from WITHIN you and it has to be YOUR thought and decision. NO ONE ELSE can do it for you...not now, not ever...YOU.

Be sure to listen to the podcast. I recorded it two days before the time that I'm sitting down and writing this article and, from what I can remember, it's a whole different thought expressed (to a large extent) than what I'm putting down in this article. That's why I always encourage you to read AND listen! It's on the same topic but it's "additional material" since they are  done at  different times and I don't have a script that I use.

GET THOSE DAILY AFFIRMATIONS OUT AND MAKE THEM A PART OF YOUR DAILY ROUTINE!!! I can't express enough how important this is for you in this process. 

Know that you ARE able to accomplish great things and then KNOW that you CAN do these things as long as you decide that you really DO want to achieve more than you have. If not, stop talking about it and stop pretending. 

Harsh? Perhaps.

True? Absolutely.

We'll finish up this series in the next article (and podcast) with the "call to action" entitled, "Yes, You Will!"

Until then, whatever you do, always be sure to...

"Make it an AWESOME day! (Who else is going to do it for you?)"

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