Monday, February 23, 2015

YES, You Are! (Saying YES to Life)

This week, in this new series on  how to "Learn to Answer Life With 'YES!'" we will be discussing the following three, specific topics:

Think back for a moment to when you were a young child. Sure, you may have been told "no" about many things (often for your safety and to help you learn important things) but, at the same time, you may have also been encouraged with words of "yes" about what you could accomplish.
What did you want to be when you grew up? Astronaut? Fire fighter? Cowboy? Professional athlete? I understand that what I'm about to say is not true in all situations, but it is true in many. You may have been encouraged in these "dreams for the future" with words such as, "You can do ANYTHING you want to do and BE anything you want to be!"
Awesome! There were no limits and we were free to dream and imagine!
Yet, somewhere along the way, those powerful and positive words of encouragement became tempered with words such as, "be realistic" and "more logical".  We were told that those "dreams" were alright for dreams but we had to start thinking about "the real world".
And, our "yes" became "no".
And, as you think back on this, you may also remember or realize that the word "no" seemed to become more and more prevalent in our lives as we grew up. It seems that we began to hear the word "no" more than we heard the word "yes".
You may have had big and exciting plans for what you would do once you graduated High School (which may or may not have included going to college) and - either way (college or not) - you either became discouraged or, again, got told "no" by hearing again and again that your "plans" were not "realistic".
After a while you just feel like giving up, don't you?
Perhaps, even as an adult, you have had some big and exciting goals for yourself that you've wanted to achieve. And, as is often the case, it is possible that those dreams and goals were "shot down" by others around you by, once again, telling you that it was not "logical" or "realistic".
And, specifically, this first article is REALLY for you! It's time - it's actually PAST time - to start answering life with "YES" once again!
Understand that you - yes, YOU - ARE capable of doing and achieving great things in and for your life! As a matter of fact, I want you to take a look at this next graphic that I put together several years ago. I've shared them before but, you may not have seen them when I did so, so I wanted to share them with you again, ESPECIALLY in connection with this topic.
I want you to make a copy of this graphic and post it somewhere that you will see it EVERY day. I also want you to read each one of these "daily affirmations" (daily means exactly that...DAILY) out loud before you get going on your day. Yes, you may feel a little "strange" doing so when you first begin but, friend, stick with it and you will soon find yourself saying these loudly and with great belief in what you are saying!

YES, YOU ARE! Notice the emphasis on the words, "I AM ABLE..." Right from the start you find the statement about yourself that you need to begin to believe - I mean REALLY believe: "I am somebody SPECIAL!" And, that being so, you ARE able to accomplish GREAT things just as is stated in step #2. And, in the process, you will also accomplish what you find in #3: I AM ABLE to TOUCH and CHANGE many lives for the better!
These are POWERFUL and, as the heading for these indicate, they are also LIFE-CHANGING and LIFE-DIRECTING.
We'll discuss more in detail in the next segment about what you actually CAN get done but, friend, let me go ahead and say this now: STOP MAKING UP EXCUSES and STOP BELIEVING these excuses that tell you that you CAN'T!
You ARE able and capable...YES, YOU ARE!
You MUST instill this believe into your life...into your subconscious so that, even when you don't "feel" that is true, you will still KNOW - deep down - that, indeed, it IS true.
I'm excited about this series and I hope that you are as well. DO NOT MISS THIS ALL-IMPORTANT STEP of posting these "7 Daily Affirmations" and making them a vital part of your DAILY activities.
You ARE capable but will YOU do "small things" such as this that will actually make a difference? You will IF you really ARE determined to achieve what it is you have set out for yourself and for your life.
Join me for the next article on, "YES, You Can!" and, until then, whatever you do, always be sure to...
"Make it an AWESOME day! (Who else is going to do it for you?)"

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