Friday, February 20, 2015

Emotional Impact (Conclusion)

Emotions. We all have them. They are a part of being human.
Yet, at the same time, though we all have them, not all of us handle them in the same way. Wouldn't you agree?
There's nothing wrong with expressing our emotions - it's a part of being human, remember? We can be overcome with grief, happiness, anger and fear. We may even act "out of control" during those times. But, even at those times it is important to remember to have control over our "out of control" emotions.
Make sense?
Some "go wild" and do all kinds of things and then use the excuse, "I was overcome with emotion!". Do you remember 1 of the "3 Dangerous Myths to Avoid"? It was, "It's Not My Fault".
It's important for us to be sure to control our emotions and not allow our emotions to control us. Easier said than done? Absolutely, at times.
This series has not been intended to have us go through like "emotionless"...that's not being "real" and it's not being "human". It also proves nothing and sets no positive example for those around us.
Don't be (refuse to be) a thermometer when it comes to emotions. In other words, don't just reflect what the emotions are of those around you. Don't be "one of the crowd" that is controlled or influenced by someone else when it is YOUR responsiblity to maintain a positive attitude and a positive direction for your emotions.
I've seen so many people that are grumpy and in a bad mood because of the emotions/attitudes of others around them.
YOU be the THERMOSTAT and help "set" the mood...."set" the emotion..."control" the envirmonment (temperature). YOU be the one that helps turn things around to a more positive attitude, mindset and emotion.
YOU be the one that, when others leave your presense they don't just "feel" better, they ARE better because of you and your positive attitude, influence and emotion!
Be sure to listen to the podcast (see links below) to get the full impact of my thoughts on this and to hear more. And, please, share both the podcast AND the blog with as many as possible.
Until next time, friend, whatever you do, be sure to...
"Make it an AWESOME day! (Who else is going to do it for you?)"

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