Friday, February 13, 2015

3rd of "3 Dangerous Myths to Avoid"

As always, if you haven't done so already, be sure to read the previous two articles to get the full impact of this series. Now, on to the concluding article...

As the old saying goes, "Never say 'Never'".
Even as you consider the thoughts of this series, it's easy to examine the first two myths ("It's Not My Fault" and "It's Not My Job") and say to yourself (and even to anyone that will listen), "That kind of attitude will NEVER be a part of MY mindset! It will never happen to me!".
Believe me, friend, there is absolutely NOTHING wrong with determining that certain things will not take place in your life. However, it's important to realize that there is a BIG difference in saying, "I'm determined for that to NEVER be a part of my life" and, "That will NEVER happen to me or be a part of my life".
I understand the determination even in the second example but, the difference between the two is a "stated determination" in the first. In other words, we must always understand (and acknowledge) that many times, in spite of our best efforts, we may still fall to that which we would prefer to avoid.
Make sense?
Although this may not be true 100% of the time, I would suggest that, ANY time a person states, "It will never happen to me!" that, in all likelihood, it WILL, indeed, happen to them sooner or later.
It just seems to work that way in life.
Yes, identify traits, character flaws and habits that you wish to avoid. Identify them and work hard to rid your life of them. But, friend, do NOT grow lazy in your work to keep this determination at the forefront of your actions because, if you do, the very thing which you wish to avoid will find a way into your mindset and your life.
Pay attention to these "3 Dangerous Myths to Avoid" and do not take them lightly! Go to the fan page on FaceBook (, find one of the graphics (or several) that you really like and post/share them in different avenues with others in order to help spread this important message that so many need to see.
Perhaps use one of those graphics as your "background" on your computer and/or phone so that you can be reminded of this on a daily basis.
You will also find a video by Dave Ramsey on that fan page that actually began my thoughts on this particular myth of the three. Particularly notice the comments that seem to express the thought of, "It Will Never Happen to Me".
I'd love to get your feedback and comments and, again, the best place to do that is through this fan page. You can also do so on the main website (, at the end of this article, through e-mail and also through Twitter.
Whatever you do, and as you do it, be sure to...
"Make it an AWESOME day! (Who else is going to do it for you?)"

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