Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Decisions - Part 3: "Make Them EARLY!"

"Decisions - part 3: Make Them EARLY!"
We've already talked about the very foundation of making wise decisions being the need to KNOW WHERE YOU WANT TO GO!
We also discussed that, after this first foundational principle, the first decision you must make is, WHO ARE YOU LISTENING TO?
This also really goes right into the point in today's discussion on decisions - if you want to make WISE decisions - MAKE THEM EARLY!
And, honestly, if you have made these two decisions already - you have done most of the work needed to accomplish point three. Why? How?
It's really quite simple - when you KNOW where you want to go with your life then this impacts all other decisions! Really, it does. Knowing where you want to go (which, out of necessity also means you have knowledge of where you DON'T want to go) should go a long ways in helping you make a wise decision as far as who it is that you listen to.
Again, here's the important thought about this third point: The time to make a decision is NOT in the heat of battle!
I'm not trying to oversimplify this, but - really - it IS quite simple when you look at it from a logical really IS like following a road map!
If - notice this important word, "IF" - you have a specific destination at which you want to arrive within a certain time frame then you will either get out the map OR you will enter the information into your G.P.S. (we'll make a point about the G.P.S. in a moment).
If you "map out" your trip then you will KNOW which turns to make when there are choices to be made about different exits and highways. Knowing where you WANT to go helps you know where you DON'T want to go and, of course, which road you DON'T want to take.
You shouldn't have to sit on the side of the road at every intersection trying to decide which way to go - that decision has already been made IF you have mapped out your journey. (Hey, no comments about men and maps and directions, o.k.?).
IF you use a G.P.S. you have decided to TRUST this "voice" that comes from others tracking the path to the destination that you want to reach. You must enter your destination and then trust that the information that has been gathered is correct. Yes, this is choosing who to listen to.
But, you know what? Here's what I have found with my G.P.S. - I still have to use MY knowledge and common sense with that thing! And so it is with you! Even when you follow the advice of those that you consider to be wise you STILL must use your own knowledge and common sense at times. Never forget that!
Now, let me say this about today's podcast - YES I know that not every stupid decision is not going to end up with guns and drugs and prison. I know that! However, I mentioned that due to the examples that I shared with you on Monday.
But think about this - how wrong does a decision have to go for it to mess up your life?
Here are a few things I still want to talk about on this topic before I'm done and I encourage you to join me for these as we continue this important discussion:
- Every time you end up saying, "I can't believe I did that! What was I thinking?" it was preceded with you making an unwise choice before you got to that point.
- Adults are not immune to stupid decisions. I will talk specifically to some areas for adults to consider, especially in the area shared in the list on Monday that dealt with the pro golfer.
- Even if your life seems to be in shambles and ruined, you CAN recover and still live a productive life IF you follow this one principle.
Let me close with this thought for today. When you decide EARLY what direction you want your life to take and who it is you are going to listen to, you WILL be able to "SEE" things before they ever happen. What do I mean? You will always be looking ahead and thinking about results and consequences before anything ever happens.
This, my friend - regardless of your age - will put you far ahead of most of the other people around you!
And this is something you CAN do! It just means making decisions EARLY instead of trying to correct a wrong decision too late.
I hope this is helpful and beneficial for you - it is for me as I remind myself of these things.
And, as always, each and every day be sure to...
"Make it an AWESOME day! (Who else is going to do it for you?)"

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