Thursday, January 14, 2010


#7: "I CAN! I WILL! I MUST!"
Well, here we are on the last of my 7 Daily Affirmations....wait a minute, let me get that whole, wonderful title I have for these on here:
"7 Life-Changing, Life-Directing, Powerful, Daily Affirmations!"
There, that's better! I purposely created the "heading" for these daily affirmations to be full of life and vitality because I believe them to be exactly that!
Again, if you don't have the complete listing in front of you, go to the archives on the right column of this blog and click on the January link and go back to Monday, January 4th. I have listed all 7 of them there.
Remember, too, that I have strongly suggested that, even if you do "tweak" these and adapt them for your own life, you leave the first one as is and in the position of first. I feel that it is the very foundation of my own affirmations as well as any that you may work with for your life.
And, as you will see, it plays a significant part in this last of my 7 daily affirmations: "I CAN! I WILL! I MUST!"
As I mentioned on the podcast, this last affirmation is designed to send me out into the day with a burst of energy and belief! So, even after affirming all of the other things (#'s 1 - 6) I want to end on a powerful affirmation of what I intend to do with these affirmations.
First of all, I want to affirm that I CAN do the things that I have determined to do! Again, go back to the very first affirmation, "I AM Somebody Special!" and this is the very reason I CAN do what I have set out to do!
Because I AM somebody special, I CAN accomplish great things and I CAN touch and change many lives for the better! I CAN "stick to my guns" concerning the size of my dreams. I CAN brush off the negative remarks that may come my way when the "dream stealers" try to tell me that I can't! I CAN be a giver and not a taker even though it seems that most of the world would tell me to do and be otherwise!
You MUST have this belief - or at least be developing this belief in your life. If you don't believe you can (or if you are not working on instilling that belief in your life) you will have a hard time accomplishing your dreams and goals. NO ONE ELSE can do this for you.
We can say anything we want. We can make big plans and talk about them all day long. We can share them with others and tell them all of the great things we are going to do. We can tell ourselves that as well. However, unless we put ACTION behind the words and plans they will amount to absolutely nothing!
So, for me, this part of this last affirmation is just as important - if not more so - than just believing that I CAN! Not only is it important for me to acknowledge and affirm that I do have the ability to carry this out, I must now determine that I WILL do so!
Stop talking about what you PLAN to do and start doing it! To say that you WILL do this doesn't mean that you will "someday" but that you WILL "take steps on this journey TODAY!" (#6).
I'm not sure how you feel about your plans, dreams and goals and the NECESSITY of them in your life. (Might I suggest that if you don't find an urgency and a necessity to your dreams and goals that, perhaps, you have the wrong dreams and goals?).
For me, these daily affirmations are things that I CAN do, I WILL do and I MUST do! These are not just cute little sayings that I put together. These must be things that go beyond "feel good" words. These are things that I have determined are ABSOLUTE NECESSITIES in and for my life!
I MUST do these things! I MUST establish these truths ("I AM Somebody Special!) in my life and then I must also live out these truths in my life!
In order for me to move on toward my dreams and goals (#6) I must have the feeling and knowledge that, in order to do so, I MUST incorporate these truths into my life and I MUST actively purse them as well.
There is NO OTHER WAY for me.
What about YOU?
Again, only YOU can decide these things for your life. Only YOU can know the determination that you have or the determination that you must develop in order to take steps on this journey each and every day.
But, here's the great news. YOU ARE NOT ALONE! Not only do I believe that my podcasts and blog will help you, but there are countless other quality materials available for you out there as well. You have all the help you need if you search for it.
So, again, bottom line: WHAT'S YOUR EXCUSE?
Let's all stop making excuses and start making progress in our lives....TOGETHER!
Agreed? AGREED!
And, never forget to...
"Make it an AWESOME day! (Who else is going to do it for you?)"

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