Thursday, January 14, 2010

Success Is A Journey (connect this to the affirmations)

I found it very interesting how things "work together" as I experienced this first-hand once again this morning.

I have had the January issue of "SUCCESS" magazine for over a month (yeah, they get them out to you early) and have read most of it. As a matter of fact I had it marked on page 90 of 96 pages - that's how close I was to being done reading this issue.

Now, jump to what I did this morning concerning the completion of my "7 Daily Affirmations" with the last one being, "I CAN! I WILL! I MUST!".

I had some extra time this morning and remembered to bring this January issue of "SUCCESS" with me today to try to get it finished since the February issue has already arrived.

On page 96 of this issue is an article entitled, "Success Is a Journey" from the archives. It is an excerpt from the March 1979 issue of "SUCCESS" and was written by Ben Sweetland. (I checked to see if this article was available at but it isn't or I would have simply directed you there for this information).

First of all, here is a great quote that I highlighted as I read, "Here is a little understood fact: You are a success the moment you start on the road to success. Therefore, you do not have to wait until you have money in the bank or your bills all paid before you are a success. You can be a success right now."

Now, that's an awesome quote! But get this - the next heading in the article reads, "I CAN versus I WILL". (Are you kidding me???)

Here is the second paragraph under that heading:

"To be successful, you must KNOW that you can be successful. This is important - might important. In fact, it is absolutely necessary. But knowing you CAN do a thing is no indication that you WILL do it."
I have mentioned it before in some of my past studies when this has happened before. I was behind by two or three months in my reading of this magazine yet, it seemed that when I DID read a particular article, the TIMING was perfect for that article in my life!
Accident? I don't think so.
Neither do I feel that reading this article today was an accident.
Again, this article can not be found at BUT if you subscribe to this magazine (even if you have read this article already) I ask that you read it in connection to what I have talked about with these daily affirmations.
You may not even believe that I didn't read the article first! But I didn't!
I continue to be amazed at such happenings in my life and wanted to share this with you.
"Make it an AWESOME day! (Who else is going to do it for you?)"

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