Monday, January 4, 2010

I Am Somebody Special!

7 Life-Changing,
Daily Affirmations!
1. I am somebody SPECIAL!
2. I AM ABLE to accomplish GREAT things!
3. I AM ABLE to TOUCH and CHANGE many lives for the better!
4. I will not allow ANYONE to determine the size of my dreams!
5. I AM A GIVER - not a taker!
6. I WILL take steps on this journey TODAY!
These are the daily affirmations that I came up with - for myself- on August 21, 2008. They are mine and they are adapted and crafted for me and my life.
HOWEVER, I did also craft them in such a way that I felt could be used and beneficial by anyone that would choose to use them in their own life. Try them as they are for a week or so and then adapt them to fit your life. Add to them, change them, rewrite them for YOU and come up with your OWN, personalized daily affirmations!
Yes, it is still o.k. if you continue to use them just as they are. Perhaps they speak to you without the need for changing them. The main thing is - you have to believe (or at least KNOW that you do have the abilities mentioned here, even if you don't "feel" them right now) that this potential lies within you!
1. I am somebody SPECIAL!
I'm not going to say a whole lot about this in today's blog - I really encourage you to listen to the podcast for more, BUT -- this is the whole foundation or building block for the rest of the affirmations that I have compiled.
YOU ARE UNIQUE! There is NO ONE else like you in the whole wide world - isn't that cool?
Use this as a POSITIVE! Since there is no one else like you in the whole world, understand that you have something valuable to share with your world! You have thoughts and ideas that no one else has. Sure, they may have similar thoughts and ideas, but you and your life experiences put a "slant" on them that belong only to you! Stand tall and pride in this fact and present yourself in this way!
Don't allow anyone to tell you that this is a NEGATIVE in any way! Some may say that you are unique as if that is a bad thing! How? Well, in my opinion, usually people that would say this actually KNOW that it is not a bad thing and they actually DO know that you are pretty special. However, being the negative people that they are they feel the need to try to make themselves look better by trying to tear you down.
Thank them for the observation that you are, indeed, unique and special!
And, you are!
Live it! Believe it! Say it to yourself - EVERY SINGLE DAY!
And, as you do so....
"Make it an AWESOME day! (Who else is going to do it for you?)"

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