Thursday, February 11, 2010

"Get High on Doing Good!"

Twelve "Do's and Don'ts" For Living a Positive Life

1. Make Enthusiasm A Daily Habit!
2. Don't Allow Negative People to Determine Your Self-Worth!
3. Get Into The Habit of Talking to Yourself Affirmatively!
4. Get Into the Habit of Talking to Others With an Affirmative, Positive Vocabulary!
5. Don't Be a Grudge Collector!
6. Think Positive & Pleasing Thoughts!
7. Don't Brag - Let Your Actions Speak For You!

8. Get High on Doing Good!

We've always heard, "It's more blessed to give than to receive" and, for most of us, if we heard this when we were kids, it didn't make any sense at all!

However, as we have grown and - hopefully - matured, we have come to know that this, indeed, is true. The joy of giving a gift to somone and seeing the smile on their face. The joy, as a parent, of giving your child a gift and seeing them get happy "all over". You just can't beat that!

Here's the thing - we don't have to wait for Christmas, birthdays or special occassions to do something nice for someone. The "gift" we give doesn't have to be wrapped up in a box with a bow, does it? Of course not!

As we get into the habit of being enthusiastic and excited about the new day before us, and as we talk to ourselves others in a positive and affirmative way we begin to open our eyes to the BEAUTIFUL part of the world around us.

You see, sometimes it's hard to get past all of the negativity that surrounds us. Sometimes we get bogged down in the nasty swampland of negativity and, because of that, it seems that this is all we can see.

But NOW... now that we are seeing the "positive" and "hopeful" side of life we can now lift our eyes and our heads above all of this negative nastiness and see the beauty of those around us!

Isn't that great?

And, once we are able to do so, we see opportunities that come before us each and every day for doing good for someone else.

Perhaps opening the door for someone or picking something up for someone that has dropped something.

Whatever it is - it is a way to help those around us also see the good this world has to offer!

On today's podcast I recommend doing this anonymously if at all possible and whenever possible. This takes away the temptation that we might have of wanting to receive attention for doing a good deed.

So, on this "Thankful Thursday" - be sure to thank those that are doing good things for you and in your life and then, as the movie title suggests, "Pay it Foward" by doing good in the lives of others.

Here's the promise: You'll be glad you did!

(By the way, will everyone appreciate it the way you hope they do? No. But do good ANYWAY!)

And, as you do so...

"Make it an AWESOME day! (Who else is going to do it for you?)"


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  1. As always, great post Mike. Keep up the great work. Hopefully I'm back for good. Hope I don't go MIA again lol.

    God bless..