Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Wake Up Happy!

Twelve "Do's and Don'ts" For Living a Positive Life

1. Make Enthusiasm A Daily Habit!
2. Don't Allow Negative People to Determine Your Self-Worth!
3. Get Into The Habit of Talking to Yourself Affirmatively!
4. Get Into the Habit of Talking to Others With an Affirmative, Positive Vocabulary!
5. Don't Be a Grudge Collector!
6. Think Positive & Pleasing Thoughts!
7. Don't Brag - Let Your Actions Speak For You!
8. Get High on Doing Good!
9. Don't Get Sidetracked!

10. Wake Up Happy!

You've seen the posters or signs that say, "I'm allergic to morning", right? My sister used to have one of those and I believe it was actually true!

But, you know what? Even if you aren't a "morning person" you can still choose to wake up happy!

Just like everything else we talk about here - it is a choice....it is YOUR choice!

Now, again - this may seem over-simplified but the impact can not be emphasized enough!

You already know this to be true, don't you?

Have you ever gotten out of bed and stubbed your toe? Did it seem as if everything went downhill from there for the rest of the day?

How we START our day determines - to a large degree - how we LIVE our day!

Even if we start off with it not being quite as positive as we'd like (hey, sometimes things DO happen beyond our control, right?) we can STILL choose to change the direction that it is going.

Now, seriously...tell me which is better? Do you really ENJOY waking up in a bad mood? Do you really ENJOY starting your day off in such a negative way? Or do you prefer to wake up in a good, happy mood? Would you not much rather start your day off in a positive way?

Now, I'm not talking about that "fake happy" that gets under your skin to the point that you just want to slap someone! Yeah, you know the type I'm talking about, right? (And, yes, I'm grinning as I type that!).

"As long as there is breath there is hope!"

You see, when we understand this philosophy then we CAN and WILL wake up happy!

My friend, Pat, had on her Facebook status yesterday something along the lines of, "When I hear people say that life is hard, I want to ask them, 'Compared to WHAT?' ".

EXACTLY! It is so easy for us to get into the bad habit of whining and complaining and saying such negative things that, sometimes, we don't even really consider what it is we are saying!

Life can be hard - and IS hard at some point in time - for everyone! That's right! That person that you look at and you think has no problems....THEY HAVE PROBLEMS, TOO!

Yes, there are some people that just seem to "float" above the everyday problems that face the rest of us. But, you know what? They have just learned a different and BETTER way on how to handle the everyday problems that DO face them as well.

Part of life is dealing with problems. The only person that has no problems is DEAD!

So, hey, guess what? If you are dealing with problems then you are ALIVE! So, CELEBRATE that fact and figure out how to approach those problems from a different - and better - angle.

That different and better approach is the one that comes from a positive mindset!

So - it's YOUR choice!

Why not choose to WAKE UP HAPPY!

You'll be glad you did (and so will those around you).

And, as you do...

"Make it an AWESOME day! (Who else is going to do it for you?)"


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