Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Think Positive & Pleasing Thoughts!

Twelve "Do's and Don'ts" For Living a Positive Life

1. Make Enthusiasm A Daily Habit!
2. Don't Allow Negative People to Determine Your Self-Worth!
3. Get Into The Habit of Talking to Yourself Affirmatively!
4. Get Into the Habit of Talking to Others With an Affirmative, Positive Vocabulary!
5. Don't Be a Grudge Collector!

6. Think Positive & Pleasing Thoughts!

Some of you may think that this is beginning to sound redundant - and, to the "untrained eye" it might appear that way. However, look closely at what is being constructed here and notice the progression and how these are all working together to aid us in our desire to live a positive life!

We're told right off to make enthusiasm a daily habit and then we are shown ways that will help make that happen. HOWEVER, first and foremost we must have the DESIRE to live an enthusiastic life. We must have our eyes "open" with that in mind and be looking for the positive in our lives each and every day!

One of the most effective ways to do so is to not allow negative people to have ANY influence in our lives - NONE! We must, through this process, break free from the chains of bondage that have held us back and down due to such people. YES, IT IS THAT DRASTIC AND DRAMATIC.

One way we combat this is to make sure that we are speaking to OURSELVES in an affirmative way - again, go back to my discussions and sharing of my 7 daily affirmations. Then, we also notice that we should be talking to OTHERS in a positive and affirmative way --- this helps us be "whole" in our approach to developing a positive mindset!

By doing so, we should become less and less concerned with holding grudges. We begin to realize - because our focus and direction is changing - that hanging on to such negative feelings will do nothing but bring us down and "kill" our dreams.

So, we're talking to ourselves, we're talking to others and now we are encouraged to THINK positive and pleasing thoughts. Again, this may sound oversimplified, but DO NOT let the simple fool you! "Many times the PROFOUND can be FOUND in the simple!"

This step encourages us to keep our mind focused throughout each and every day. You see, by continuously THINKING in this way then it becomes easier to SPEAK this way - to ourselves as well as to others.

By continuously THINKING this way it also becomes easier to let go of any grudges that we may have been clinging to because now our mindset is focused on something else - something better!

Listen, as I have said many times before, the negative forces in our world are active and busy and are willing to dump negative trash in your lap and in your life ANYTIME you will let them do so!

This is a process. Please do not forget that fact! It does not happen over night, but it DOES happen IF you continue to stay focused. When you fail (notice I didn't say "if" you fail) and allow the negative influences to get the best of you - DO NOT GIVE UP! Realize that you are human and that you just need to get refocused and regain control of your thoughts and, thus, your life.

And, hey, this is one reason I do what I do - to help give you POSITIVE things on which to think! So, use it, apply it and see what happens.

Together we WILL stay on track to our goals and dreams and, while doing so we will always do our best to remember this little quote...

"Make it an AWESOME day! (Who else is going to do it for you?)"


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