Monday, February 1, 2010


Twelve "Do's and Don'ts" For a Positive Life

1. Make ENTHUSIASM Your DAILY Habit!

Today we start a new series of discussions - you can see the title at the top along with the first topic to be discussed. I do want to talk briefly about where this came from and how you very likely have had - or will have - similar instances in your life.

Sometime around 1978 or 1979 (yeah, think about that - 30/31 years ago!) someone gave me some sort of brochure and, this list of twelve things was part of the brochure. Apparently even then (either a Sr. in High School or a Freshman in college) there was something about it that "spoke" to me since I stuck it in a book and kept it.

Off and on over the years I would run across it, read it and put it back in the book but, for whatever reason, around 10 - 12 years ago I took it out, typed it up and framed it and now it sits in my office. Think about even that part - it has been sitting in my office for 10 - 12 years. Yes, I have scanned over it from time to time but it has not been until recently that I have really paid close attention to it again.

So, here's what I want you to consider about what I've shared. What/who has come into your life over the years that, at the time, may have had no known impact? Perhaps you have already experienced what I have described and have "found" or "rediscovered" something/someone that has been right in front of you for quite some time already!

Life prepares you for the right time and presents things such as this when you are ready to receive. I firmly believe that!

Perhaps this is one of the reasons our brain works in such a marvelous and miraculous way! When we read something, hear something - whatever - it's there and it's there forever. Now, as we get older it may take longer to go through all of our "files", but it is there! And, sometimes we remember something that we came across years before and only now accept it as something of value.

Be open. Be ready to receive!

Now, back to the point of the day - "Make ENTHUSIASM Your DAILY Habit!"

The choice is yours, my friend! How many times have you already heard me say that? No one else can do it for you - it is YOUR choice, YOUR decision!

I mentioned on the podcast that this paper also shared the information that the word "enthusiasm" comes from the words for "God" and "within". Now, you can take that or leave it - it's your choice - but I think that is pretty powerful!

When I think of "enthusiasm" I think of a "zest" for life! I think of a child that is opening a present on Christmas morning!

Each day should be like that for each of us! Yes, I think it sounds corny too when you hear that thing about each day being a gift and that is why it is called the "present" - but it IS true!

And, yes, I know that a lot of you out there have a hard time seeing today as NOTHING to get enthused about because of all of the problems in your life - BUT EVEN YOU HAVE THAT CHOICE AND ABILITY!

Yes, I also know that all of your problems won't disappear BUT you DO have the choice about how you approach today with whatever it brings!

Change your thinking and you can change your life!

You can change the way you look at things IN your life and, perhaps by doing so - will recall something from the past (like what I talked about at the first part of this entry) that will help you attack some of your problems today!

Hey, ever hear this one before? "As long as there is breath there is HOPE!" ? SURE YOU HAVE! And it is true, my friend! It IS true!

One way to make enthusiasm your daily habit is by doing exactly what you are doing right this moment! It is imperative that you fill your mind with as much positive energy and influence as possible and I'm glad I can be a part of that for you.

I'm glad the author of this list that I'm using used the words, "daily habit" - because it requires a daily approach in order for it to become a habit AND once it becomes a habit, it becomes second nature to us and a part of our life.

Think about it. It's YOUR choice. I hope you will CHOOSE to make enthusiasm your daily habit!

And, as you do, always remember...

"Make it an AWESOME day! (Who else is going to do it for you?)"


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