Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Mike's Rant on Misguided Hero Worship

Yeah, yeah, yeah...I'm continuing on my little "rant" for this week and, guess what? I'm still smiling!

So far this week I have "ranted" about people's using "addictions" or some other "disease" to apparently remove them from actual responsibility for their actions, the media's "over kill" on these and just about ANY situation and now, today, I want to "rant" about our misguided "hero worship".

Again, I can't speak for other places in the world, I can only speak of what I see in the United States of America. However, from what I can tell, it seems that this is something that takes place in a LOT of countries around the world.

All of this discussion has centered around - or began because of - Tiger Woods and his HUGE mistakes that have come into light since around Thanksgiving of 2009. On Monday I discussed Steve Phillips, another "celebrity" that was involved in extra marital affairs that cost him at least two different jobs and caused him to enter a "sex addiction clinic" and claim that, because he knew the consequences and he ignored them he MUST be an addict.

The media has covered this thing to the point of exhaustion and, yet, I know there are some people in this country that are just waiting for more and more information on this - and other - topics like it.

Now, let me go ahead and say this ahead of time - tomorrow we WILL be discussing the thought of "role models" and address the question about these "celebrities" - "Are they role models and should they be held to a higher standard?"

You see, to me it doesn't matter if you are talking about athletes, singers, musicians or actors. Here's the bottom line - THEY ARE JUST PEOPLE!

Yet, for whatever reason, we - in this country - have lifted them up and placed them up on a pedestal because...what? They can hit a baseball or dunk a basketball? They can sing or play the guitar? They can act?

This makes it alright in our society for these people to get paid $25 million dollars per year for doing so? Really?

Hey, I like sports just like a lot of people. I enjoy watching Brett Farve and several others play football. I love watching Albert Pujols hit a baseball and LeBron James dunk a basketball. But, does what they do entitle them to be paid THAT kind of money and does it entitle them to the "hero worship" that so many young people - AND ADULTS - pour upon them?

My answer: NO!

Now, let me clarify something here - I have no problem with someone attaining wealth. One of the great things about attaining wealth is all the good that can be done by the person that has accumulated such wealth. Also, I do know and realize that MANY of these athletes (and others I have talked about) DO a lot of wonderful things with the money that they have received. O.k.? But that's not the point of today's discussion.

Here's the point: Does their ability to hit a ball, dunk a ball, sing, play or act automatically qualify them to be a "hero" for our young people?

Let's talk about the REAL heroes that are around us each and every day and let's do all we can to LIFT THEM UP and ENCOURAGE them in THEIR lives. And, hey, by the way...I can guarantee you that THEY are not getting the millions of dollars that these "celebrities" are getting paid. Yet, they are dedicated to their jobs.

Here I go again with another clarification before I talk about some of these real heroes. As I list these groups of people I want to make sure we understand that, just like anything else, just because a person is IN one of these groups does NOT make them a hero! There are GOOD and BAD representations in each of these groups. Obviously, I'm talking about the GOOD representations in each of these groups.

Where would we be without our teachers? The GOOD teachers are dedicated to their jobs and do their very best to bring out the best in their students. They are often underpaid and under-appreciated. If your child has a GOOD teacher, why not take a moment and send them a note of thanks? What a great thing to do!

There are probably others that fit in this category that I am over looking but it is not done on purpose so forgive me if I left someone out. Again, the GOOD ones in these categories care about their jobs and the ones that they serve. They are there when they are needed to give protection, aid and, even comfort at times. They put their lives in danger regularly but do so willingly. They, too, are usually underpaid and under-appreciated. Do you know one or more of the GOOD ones? Why not tell them "thank you"? I can promise you that they will appreciate it.

There are countless men and women that have VOLUNTEERED (let's not miss this point) to serve in this way and there are countless numbers of them that are in very dangerous situations on our behalf. You may not agree with the politics behind those in charge, but you cannot fault those that are serving. Along with those that are serving I also want to mention those that are left behind at home to take care of a family or just to worry daily about the safety of their loved one. Salute one of these heroes whenever you get a chance!


There are also countless numbers of men and women that ARE around us every day that have served their country in their past and ALL of them have been impacted in some way. Some with memories that they would like to be rid of and some with physical problems and/or handicaps due to their service. There are also countless families that have nothing BUT the memories of their loved one that served and was killed during their service. Again, salute these people whenever you get the chance.

I'm sure there are MANY more people that YOU can think of in the are of TRUE HEROES! However, the point is not to remind me of them - but to make sure that YOU let them know that you consider them a hero!

THESE are the people that we should be pointing out for our children, our teens and, even for each other as those that truly DESERVE the label of "hero" in our world today.

And, yes, some of these athletes, musicians and actors would also tell you the exact same thing concerning this topic.

Indeed, there ARE true heroes that live among us or HAVE lived among us. Let's get our priorities straight and let's get our focus straight and direct this focus toward those that have actually SACRIFICED and SERVED or are doing so each and every day!

And, as you do so, remember...

"Make it an AWESOME day! (Who else is going to do it for you?)"


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