Monday, February 22, 2010


Let me start off today acknowledging that I have not lived a perfect life. Let me say up front that I have made HUGE mistakes in my life that resulted in some hard things to work through. I am not perfect and I do not claim to be perfect.

That being said, I have to rant a little bit about some of the things that are "news" - especially in the sports world - during this time period.

You know, it wasn't very long ago that I had a series of discussions about recent events in the sports world that involved several "young" men who had made some very unwise decisions.

One of those involved an "unamed" (my choice) professional golfer that is still very much in the news even now as I type this article today.

I know that you figured out at the time that I was referring to Tiger Woods and I do mention him by name in the podcast that I did on this topic today.

HOWEVER, let me state something right up front - I am not venting about Tiger Woods today and here's the reason why: I have not listened to what he has had to say on the topic and I will not address "rumors" of what has or has not been said. I didn't even watch the "news conference" the other day when he "apologized" in front of a few close friends and relatives (and all of the T.V. audience, too???). Obviously, I can't have missed SOME of what has run across the bottom of some stations I have watched that have quoted some of the things he has said. For example, it has been reported on several occassions that he was being treated at a sex addiction clinic - although this has never been confirmed or admitted by Tiger Woods himself.

However, through the course of this "story" being addressed to the point of obsession another situation has come to light and I HAVE heard someone associated with this other situation talk about some things that have just not settled well with me.

So now my RANT begins!

One day I was watching ESPN (and, by the way, my next "rant" in this area is going to be on the media and how they have just gone overboard on so many things) they shared information about one of their former on-air commentators, Steve Phillips, having been fired from ESPN as well as a job as the New York Mets General Manager both due to him having affairs with people that he worked with. ESPN proceed to show a clip of an interview that Steve Phillips had done on the "Today" show earlier that week in which Mr. Phillips discussed the fact that he had been at a sex addicition clinic.

Now, this is not an EXACT quote, o.k.? However, he said something very similiar to this: "Here's when I knew that what I had was an addiction. When I knew that, continuing my behavior might cost me my job and even my marriage, I did it anyway."

Now, friend, I'm not sure how that strikes you - but that just "rubs me the wrong way" and I've been holding this in for a couple of weeks until I finished up on my other topics.

I guess I should place another "disclaimer" here for the moment before I continue:
I DO understand that an addict can be so wrapped up in their addiction (whatever that addiction may be) that they completely throw out any "common sense thinking" out the door and their main focus is to get their "drug" regardless of the cost. O.k.? I do understand that. I do know that to be true and know of situations where people have lost EVERYTHING due to such an addiction. Is it possible for someone to be a "sex addict"? I'm sure it is.

But - and this is just my opinion - I'm not buying this "addiction" thing for a moment in this situation. Let me share with you why I feel this way.

The reasoning. I'm sorry, but that "reasoning" that was used by Mr. Phillips is just LAME! If his reasoning is THE definition of an addiction then we are ALL addicts of some sort!

Think about it - anytime ANYONE does ANYTHING that is wrong, they could use this "reasoning" to claim an addiction. "Yeah, I knew that if I got caught I'd get punished, and I did it anyway. Hey! I must have an addiction!"

Pardon me, but I don't think so.

You can listen to the podcast and get more on my thoughts, but let me say this: (again, this is just MY opinion) Mr. Phillips (and countless others every day) did what he did because it is what he WANTED to do!

Pure and simple.

We are teaching our young people a TERRIBLE lesson and setting a TERRIBLE example by such thoughts and actions. Own up to your mistake, TAKE RESPONSIBILITY and don't fall back on such a weak argument and call it an addiction.

Yes, even by taking responsibility the fact remains that WRONG WAS DONE and OTHERS WERE HURT by these actions BUT...I have far more respect for someone that takes responsibility, don't you?

And, oh, by the these situations, you will hear the phrase used, "I take full responsibility for my actions..." I beg to differ. If you take full responsibility for your actions then STOP FALLING BACK ON THE ADDICTION STORY and simply state: "I screwed up!"

As I stated in my podcast, you don't have to agree with my thoughts on this. I don't expect that everyone will. But, if nothing else, please help me in this area of helping us ALL see - and, by doing so, instilling this important principle into our young people - the need for taking responsibility for our mistakes.

Thanks for allowing me to rant. Be warned, I'm going to do some more tomorrow!

"Make it an AWESOME day! (Who else is going to do it for you?)"


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