Monday, February 8, 2010

"Don't Be a Grudge Collector!"

Twelve "Do's and Don'ts" For Living a Positive Life

1. Make Enthusiasm A Daily Habit!
2. Don't Allow Negative People to Determine Your Self-Worth!
3. Get Into The Habit of Talking to Yourself Affirmatively!
4. Get Into the Habit of Talking to Others With an Affirmative, Positive Vocabulary!
5. Don't Be a Grudge Collector!

There are many different things that people collect. Some collect salt and pepper shakers, some collect cookie jars, some collect light houses, some collect dolls and on and on it goes.

The interesting this is, as I have talked to some of these people I have found that, many times, they never intended to really start collecting them. They had a few items of a particular theme and people ASSUMED they were collecting and started giving them additional items as gifts throughout the years.

Yes, some people DO purposely collect these things, too - I understand that as well. But EITHER WAY, what happens? These people end up with more items than they know what to do with and they end up either boxing some of them up (what good is a boxed up collection that cannot be seen?) OR they have to find a way to devote more space to their collection. Sometimes it's cleaning out a room for them OR even building extra space.

Today, we want to talk about those that tend to collect grudges.

Oh, they may not have this as their intention, but for whatever reason they begin to gather and hang on to grudges. And, others end up giving them reasons to hold a grudge along the way. Then, just like the salt shakers or whatever others may collect, the grudge collector ends up hanging onto so many grudges that they have to decide what to do with them. They can get rid of them (how many times have you seen a collector let go of their collection?) or devote more space (time/energy) to keeping their grudge collection.

When you look at it and consider it this way it kind of makes you think a bit, doesn't it?


Well, for the same reason many people collect the items discussed above - it brings them pleasure!


As odd as it may seem, some people actually find PLEASURE in collecting grudges without realizing how it is sucking the very life out OF their life!

Some use these grudges to manipulate others and others take comfort in feeling that they have been wronged and they are "owed" something in return.

Hey, whatever the reason - STOP IT!

Collecting grudges will NEVER do you ANY good at all and, as a matter of fact, it will have the OPPOSITE effect in your life! Collecting grudges will do nothing but bring you misery and unhappiness and, again, it will suck the joy out of your life.

So, why do it? Why hang on to them? Why not let them go?

Again, have you ever seen a collector let go of their collections? Not often!

But this is different. ESPECIALLY if you plan to keep moving on in a positive way toward your dreams and goals!

You CANNOT keep moving forward while hanging on to the clutter of your collection of grudges - it is basically an impossibility!

If you find that you have collected grudges my guess is that you - IF you allow yourself some serious self-examination - will find that you are physically tired most of the time and that you are stressed and irritated quite easily.

Check it out, be honest and see if that isn't true.

Grudge collecting is a robber! It robs you of valuable energy and mind space. It robs you of the joy of living life.

Be sure to listen to today's podcast for a "different" discussion on this topic - you want to be sure to get it all if possible.

Ask yourself how serious you really are about moving forward. If you really ARE serious about this endeavor then you MUST let go of your grudge collection.

Yes, it IS that important and yes you CAN do it!

It's a choice. It's YOUR choice.

Why not choose to move on with a POSITIVE mindset and free yourself from the chains of being held back by collecting grudges?

You'll be glad you did!

And, by doing so, you will be able to do what I leave you with each day, which is...

"Make it an AWESOME day! (Who else is going to do it for you?)"


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