Monday, September 22, 2014

Check Your "A Game"

"A" game.
What does that mean for you and/or to you? For most "A Game" usually means, "bring your best!".
I changed it to "CHECK Your 'A' Game" for a reason.
For today, "A" =, "Check your Attitude".
Yeah, I know I talk about this a lot but, hey, don't we all need it? I'll go first...I DO! And, friend, whether you want to admit it or not, YOU do as well.
Quick story as to where this all came from, o.k.?
I worked pretty much all day long on putting together some graphics, etc. for a landing page that I'm going to be using for some network marketing. I'm familiar with landing pages and opt-in pages, etc. but I've never put much time into putting them together myself.
I figure that, if it is a way to learn something new, then I should spend a little time doing just that. And that, I did.
I was having some problems at the end of the night putting one final piece together and was "chatting" with some online support when, one final click, and it was all gone. No, I didn't delete anything. No, I didn't push any wrong "buttons". Just *BAM* and it was all gone. They (the support team at this site) are checking on it but, that didn't make me any happier about the whole thing.
"Frustrated" doesn't really describe how I felt but, it will do for now.
Then, after a bite to eat, I checked a couple of things out on Facebook when I came across a video that was shared by a friend of mine. It helped me "CHECK MY ATTITUDE" really quick.
I posted it on my Facebook fan page...check it out HERE and leave a comment. Seriously, check it out and listen to this young man. POWERFUL!
Keep your eyes and ears open for such reminders of the importance of mindset and attitude...we all need it from time to time.
Check your "A Game" and, as you do so...

"Make it an AWESOME Day! (Who else is going to do it for you?)"



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