Thursday, September 11, 2014


My wife and I just finished an intense - but LOTS of fun - brainstorming session about some things that we began talking about last night. We just stopped what we were doing and began to talk and, before you know it, we both were throwing out ideas and thoughts about these things. My wife - at my suggestion - began jotting these things down in her notebook since, for the most part, these thoughts were about some things that SHE wanted to pursue for herself.
Now, because of that, I began to also talk about how these very same things could/would translate for myself in things that I've talked about over the years and, for whatever reason, forgot about and even "lost my vision" about. Make sense?
How freeing and refreshing to just "let 'er rip" (as the graphic I put together states) and allow your mind (your brain) to think openly without restrictions. (For those that are not familiar with American slang, "let 'er rip" simply means to unleash something, set it free and just let it go wherever it wants to go!).
But, the problem is that, many times, we must not only "unchain" our brain, but we must also UN-TRAIN our brain in order to think freely like this.
By the way, before I go any further, while searching for a graphic for "Unchain Your Brain", I came across some other images that indicated that others have used this phrase in the past and that, apparently, there is some band that even had a song or album by this name. I don't really know for sure. THIS I DO KNOW - I'm not attempting to steal any one's idea or "property" by using this phrase. I actually thought of the phrase after our brainstorming session and put the phrase into a search engine on my computer to see what I could find to use as an image. O.K.? Make sense? Good!
Too many times our thinking is restricted by what we have been taught and/or told in the past. "STOP DAYDREAMING!" How many of you have ever been told that before? Likely all of you and me included! Or, "GET YOUR HEAD OUT OF THE CLOUDS!" which is the same idea, just worded a little differently.
Then, on top of all of that, many times LIFE just pours down on us in such a way that we just simply lose sight of goals and dreams that we may have once had in the past. The spark of light that once was a dream becomes nothing more than a dim ray that is slowly sinking behind the horizon.
See those chains in the image above? That's you and that's me IF we don't do something to prevent that from happening! Friend, that may have already happened in your life and, if that is so, then you MUST shake things up a bit in order to "UNCHAIN YOUR BRAIN"!
You see, when we allow our brains to be "locked up" and "chained down" we can no longer think freely. Oh, we may attempt to do so from time to time, but the strain of doing so while our brains are in this state of being, is just a bit too strenuous and we soon stop even trying.
THINK WITHOUT BOUNDARIES and see what happens. Allow yourself to freely "brainstorm" without those boundaries and without those thoughts of "you can't really do that" bouncing around in your head. The idea of brainstorming is to allow your brain to just "go wild" without those boundaries!
Write your thoughts down or record them via audio...whatever you do, record them in SOME way so that you can have those thoughts as evidence of your ability to think in such a way. Also, they can serve as an "igniter" for the future when you want to do so once again.
Approach it all in a way that says, "YES, I CAN" as opposed to "No, I can't" and see what happens. You likely will find that many things that you thought were impossible before, begin to appear as VERY possible for and in your life!
Get EXCITED about the possibilities! Get EXCITED about your ability to THINK and to ACT upon those thoughts! Get EXCITED about the fact that you are ALIVE and, that being so, you are also CAPABLE of acting upon those thoughts!
That's right, friend...unchain your brain and LET 'ER RIP!
And, as you do so, you will find that it is much easier to...
"Make it an AWESOME day! (Who else is going to do it for you?)"

From Dani Johnson - a name I know and TRUST!
(There seemed to be some problems with the last couple of banners I posted, so be sure to check this out and see what this could do to CHANGE YOUR LIFE!) 

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