Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Starting Over Financially?

Just like all of the other "areas" that we have been discussing over the past few days, the same is true about STARTING OVER financially.
There is NO SHAME in having to do so and, sometimes, this need is actually do to circumstances that are out of our control. Divorce, hospital bills and many other things.
However, if we are going to talk about it, then we also need to be willing to be open and honest about OUR ROLE in many of these scenarios. Financially, we are responsible for the "little things" that tend to sabotage us and set us back.
Here's the thing about what I'm going to share with you today: it doesn't matter if your financial situation is due to someone else's fault, unplanned events or your own mistakes.
Today we are going to focus on a SOLUTION. Because, for whatever reason, being in a bad financial situation is a very stressful position to be in. A SOLUTION is needed, regardless of how or why we got there.
You probably noticed that I've been sharing information on Dani Johnson's "War on Debt" program the past few days. Now, before you "turn me off" let me ask you this question: WHAT'S YOUR PLAN?
That's right...WHAT IS YOUR PLAN to prevent having to "start over" again and again, financially? What is it that you PLAN TO DO to keep this from happening?
You see, many like to TALK ABOUT what they are going to do and many want to "play dress up" (see yesterday's discussion) and act as if there really isn't a problem when there really is. But most - if not all - FAIL when it comes to taking action that will actually bring results.
Take a look at this next picture and make sure that you read the information about this group of people. This picture was taken back in July at the Dani Johnson event that I attended in San Antonio. So yes, these are REAL people and these are REAL results of what this group of people has been able to accomplish over the past 5 years.

Think about it, friend. How long have you been TALKING ABOUT the need to do something about your finances? How many years have you stated that THIS YEAR you actually were going to FOLLOW THROUGH with your New Year's Resolution for once?
I'm telling you...GET THIS PROGRAM and get it NOW.
You want to hear the "kicker"? Dani Johnson shows you how to eliminate your debt WITHOUT having to make more money to get it done!
Yeah, I know, right?  (Just click on the graphic to read all of the details about the program)

My wife and I do actually own this program ourselves. It is easy to understand and, if followed, easy to do! The fact is, just like with everything else we've talked about this week, the problem may come in with having to swallow some PRIDE in order to make progress.  
A PROVEN program by an honest person that actually is full of integrity. Just take a few moments, go to the page (click on the graphic above) and read the testimonials that you'll find there. I have never in my life seen ANY ONE with as many testimonials as Dani Johnson.
There is a 100% money-back guarantee, so stop making excuses and TAKE ACTION.
Talking and planning to do something never seems to work, does it?
Think about it: the stress that comes from financial struggles literally impacts EVERY AREA of your life. It really does. And, many times, we find ourselves starting over in some of these "other" areas due to the stress that comes from THIS area.
Take control of your finances once and for all and start moving forward with what really matters in your life. And, by the way, help your children see and understand the importance of taking control of your fiances instead of your finances taking control of you.
You can do it but, friend, here's the question: WILL YOU?
Until next time, whatever you do, be sure to...
"Make it an AWESOME day! (Who else is going to do it for you?)"

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