Thursday, September 25, 2014


In my last article I began this series by using the word, "BEYOND" for the letter"B" in the word, "BELIEF". Go back and read that if you haven't done so yet, but I'll give you a very quick recap: We must be able to look, think and act BEYOND our current circumstances in order to reach our goals and dreams.
Today I want to use the word, "EVENTS" for the letter "E" in the word, "BELIEF". has the following as the first definition of the word, EVENT: "something that happens or is regarded as happening; an occurrence, especially one of some importance. "
Wow, when you look at that definition you see how "broad" and "general" an "event" really is! Look at that: "something that happens" and/or "an occurrence".
Some events are good, some are not so good and some are "neutral" in that they are really neither good or bad. For example, getting out of bed is not necessarily good or bad. However, the REASON you got out of bed might make it one or the other.
Did you get out of bed due to a sick child? Did you get out of bed due to a noise that you heard in your house that you needed to check out? Did you get out of bed due to some emergency?  Or did you simply get out of bed due to the fact that the alarm clock went off and it was time to get up and get ready for work?
Makes a difference, doesn't it?
As you can see, depending on the event, your day can easily swing from one end to the other on the "positive attitude" pendulum.
Sometimes we allow the "small" events to have more impact on us than they deserve. Have you ever allowed some small event to "set you off" on some negative thought process that even spilled out into verbal negativity? Sure you have...we all have.
If we allow ourselves to go unchecked on our response to such small events then how will we combat negativity when those events that are truly "life-changing" come our way?
Want to check something out for yourself? At the end of the day, sit down and write down as many "events" as you can that occurred during your day. Now, listen, I understand that this list could get VERY long, very quickly, if you write down every little thing that took place today. But try to go through your day and try to "track" your reaction to the "events" of the day.
Start with getting out of bed. That's right, write it down and write down how that went for you. Were you in a good mood? Bad mood? Did you wake up dreading the day or were you excited about the day ahead?
If you went to a job, did anything happen along the way that impacted you one way or the other? For example, if you had the radio on, what did you listen to and how did that influence you? Happy music? Positive information? Negative news and commentary? What about the journey to work, itself? Traffic? Smooth sailing?
What about when you arrived at your job? Did you share a positive attitude when you walked in or did you allow any negativity that you may have already collected influence what happened at that point?
See what I mean? Just adjust it to where it applies to YOUR day and see how it went. Be honest with yourself so that you can really take a look at how you are allowing events to mold your attitude through the course of a "normal" day.
We must develop the ability to look BEYOND our current circumstances and the EVENTS that make up the structure of those circumstances.
Think about it, dig deep and map out a plan.
And, as always, as you do so, be sure to...
"Make it an AWESOME day! (Who else is going to do it for you?)"

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