Tuesday, September 30, 2014


As I continue with my thoughts on the word, "BELIEF", I want to apply the word, "EVERYDAY" to the 2nd "e" in this word.
Now, before I get into that, let me give another quick recap of what I've shared so far, o.k.?
We began with the word, "BEYOND", and discussed how we MUST be able to look beyond our current circumstances to see what CAN be and what WILL be. This process helps us understand the importance of our BELIEF that our current circumstances (what IS), will not remain that way. We then applied the word, "EVENTS", with the encouragement of not allowing our everyday events to darken our vision and our ability to look beyond those events. The word, "LIFE", was discussed in a way to help us all understand that life is happening every day. What we experience - yes, the good AND the bad - is all a part of life and the emotions that go along with those events let us know that we are alive! And then, in the last article, we used the personal pronoun, "I", to understand that "I am responsible for my own actions!".
Now then, it is important - even VITAL - for us to be applying these thoughts to our mindset EVERY SINGLE DAY! Not just once in a while but, EVERY DAY!
Yes, it IS that important. And, since I feel so strongly about it, I used the word VITAL in the last paragraph.
Just as your "vital signs" indicate that you are either dead or alive (or near one or the other), so it is with DAILY activity with these thoughts in relation to your belief!
In the same way that you become weak if you do not eat for several days, so it is with this. Friend, if you try to go through several days without adding thoughts like have been discussed in this series (and in this blog on a regular basis), then your BELIEF will be - not "might be" - WEAK!
Applying these things to your life EVERY DAY will help solidify your belief. By doing so, your belief will become REAL and SOLID and not something that is just a bunch of words.
It's when you begin to LIVE your belief that it finally becomes "real". It becomes "who you are". Or, another way to put it is that when you begin to LIVE your belief on a daily basis, it becomes more than just talk. No one has to guess, no one has to wonder about your belief.
When they see you, they see and know what you believe for, you truly do live what you believe.
Every day, one day at a time.
And, as you do that, always be sure to...
"Make it an AWESOME day! (Who else is going to do it for you?)"

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