Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Why NOT Think Big?

I love the picture in this graphic! Obviously, that's not Donald Trump and Donald Trump is no longer a kid. HOWEVER, that is the mindset that most - if not all - of us had when we WERE just kids.
Think back (you can still do that, right?) to when you were young and your imagination was your friend! Whatever you imagined, you could actually "see" with your "minds eye" and you could easily see YOURSELF doing in that picture! You may have even "dressed up" for the part (even if you didn't have what you needed to actually wear the right stuff!).
Did any of you pretend to fly and even wore a cape made out of a bed sheet, a towel or anything else you could get your hands on? Could you actually fly? NO! But did that stop you from "seeing" yourself flying all over the world?
Did any of you ever pretend to ride a horse with nothing but an old broom stick or mop handle as your "horse"? Were you actually riding a horse? NO! But did that stop you from "seeing" yourself riding all around the "Wild, Wild, West"?
Did any of you ever get in a box and imagine....
Well, what DID you imagine in that box? Perhaps it was a cabin out in the woods or maybe a race car! Maybe you saw yourself in a cave of some sort or, perhaps, it was a boat and you were sailing the high seas!
With our imagination, we had NO LIMITS on what we could do, where we could go and even who it was that we could be!
So, what happened?
We now allow the smallest set back to "shut us down".
Hey, if you learned to ride a bicycle as a kid, did you stop after your first crash? Notice I didn't ask IF you crashed, I asked if you stopped AFTER your first crash.
I can answer that for you due to the fact that I first said, "if you learned to ride a bicycle...". You see, if you learned to ride a bicycle then you DID crash and, likely, more than once!
WHY? Because your DESIRE to ride that bike was GREATER than your FEAR of crashing!
Do a little research on Donald Trump. Who cares if you like him or not? It has NOTHING to do with the fact that he overcame some serious setbacks in 1991 and, instead of folding and giving up, he kept "thinking big' and continued to BE big in the business world.
Yes, friend, DARE TO DREAM BIG AGAIN - just as we talked about in yesterday's article. Don't give up and don't stop THINKING BIG!
And, as you do so, always be sure to...
"Make it an AWESOME day! (Who else is going to do it for you?)"


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