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You got it! I'm going to be sharing more of the information that I have on my "Power Board" that I try to take a look at every single day. I don't always succeed in that goal but, for the most part, I DO take a moment looking at these each day. 

As always, I want to encourage you to listen to the podcast as well, so that you can get the FULL spectrum of thoughts and information that I share on this topic, o.k.? You can find the links to the podcast at the very end of this article. If you do so by going to iTunes, would you mind taking a moment and leaving a review while you are there? Thanks! I appreciate it, in advance!

The idea that one can relax and "be done" with their education when they graduate from High School or college is an absolute falsehood. Whether we like it or not, IF we want to continue to move forward in our chosen field then, friend, there WILL be times that we will have to take some sort of continuing education course for a variety of reasons.

Oh, you can choose NOT to do so but you can also likely prepare to be demoted if not "let go" from that said position. 

If you listen to my podcast, you will hear me start each podcast with the phrase, "Your greatest education takes place on the campus of your mind." This is not necessarily referring to the "continuing education" type of "education" that I'm talking about when I say that. Again, this type of education is pretty much a certainty but what I'm talking about is the information - EDUCATION - that you get by adding positive information (such as this) to the "library of your mind". 

There is an old computer phrase, "G.I.G.O." which means "Garbage In, Garbage Out". In other words, whatever you "put in" (program) a computer is what you will "get out". A computer really can't think. It simply "spits out" information that has been put in, or programmed, into it by a human.

The same is true for our minds, friend. Whatever you put in or ALLOW in is what will "come out" or be available to you and for you. Does that matter? YOU BET IT DOES!

I'm not telling you anything that you don't already know when I say that there are more than enough people around you that are willing to "rain on your parade" with their negativity. Right? How you respond to that negativity and how you SURVIVE that type of negativity throughout the course of your day will be determined by what you have available to you via your mind or mindset.

YOU are responsible for what is added to "the library of your mind". That's right, YOU

You are responsible for what you let in and what you BLOCK from entering and becoming embedded in your mind and mindset. 

I want to encourage you to become TENACIOUS - a "bulldog" - about NOT letting ANY negativity to slip past your guard and get into your mind and mindset. 

It's not always easy but I think it is IMPERATIVE that you do so. Hey, let me say how thankful I am that you are allowing me to be a part of this process through you reading this blog article. I hope you will make this a habit - if it's not already - and that you will add the podcast as part of your DAILY routine. 

Think about the information that I've shared with you today and explore it further as to what it means for you and your situation as well as how you can apply this to your life. Take a moment, stop by the fan page on Facebook , and let me know what this means for you today.

Join me as, in the next article, I share with you #2 of 6: APPRECIATE PEOPLE. Be thinking about that in advance. I know that you can already agree with me that it's not always easy to appreciate others, is it?

See you then and, until next time, whatever you do, always be sure to...

"Make it an AWESOME day! (Who else is going to do it for you?)"


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