Monday, May 2, 2016


Unless you have found a way to become a complete hermit, you WILL come into contact with people from time to time and, usually, on a fairly regular basis. And, that being said, it's not always easy to appreciate some of those people, is it?

Some people know how to "push those buttons" that make it hard to appreciate them and to keep a positive mindset BUT we must understand something very clearly. Although those people may be able to "push our buttons" but they do NOT have the power to "make us mad" or "put me in a bad mood". They do NOT have the ability to do that...WE have the power over our mindset and our emotions and we are the ONLY ones that determine what happens in such situations. 

Remember the "formula" that I shared with you that I picked up from Jack Canfield? Here it is again: E + R = O, which stands for EVENT + RESPONSE = OUTCOME. We all have those "events" in our life, but it is our RESPONSE to those events that will determine what happens on the other side of that event...or what we would call the outcome. 

This is one reason that it is so important to infuse as much positive information into our mind as possible. Again, the more that is there, the easier it is to access that information when those tough situations come along. 

Make a determination TODAY - right now - that YOU will be in control of these situations and that YOU will use YOUR positive attitude and mindset to help direct the path of these situations. Use YOUR influence to battle the negativity and to help "turn things around" instead of letting those with their negative attitudes freely spew their "poison" all over you and those around you.

This does not mean that there has to be any type of confrontation. It simply means that, with your words and actions, you have the ability to deflate and defeat the impact of negative thoughts and emotions. YES, IT IS THAT POWERFUL!

Now, let's look at another way in which we can appreciate people. 

EVERYONE loves to be appreciated! EVERYONE loves it when others notice the work that they do and when someone takes the time to share a word of thanks and encouragement.

I want to encourage you to "open your eyes" to those around you and make an effort to do just that - to simply let them know that you appreciate what they do. 

Many of these people have become "invisible" in our lives. We have just grown accustomed to them "being there" and doing their job without us really even noticing them or what it is that they are doing. And, many times, these people go unnoticed by others as well.

But you, friend, can make a difference!

I remember hearing Colin Powell, former United States Secretary of State, say that he would always be sure to spend a little time talking to the parking lot attendants as he came and left the parking garage. He had noticed how most people just handed their ticket to the attendant without saying a word and then went on their way as quickly as possible. Mr. Powell, however, would make eye contact with them and have a brief conversation with them whenever possible.

Do you think those people appreciated someone actually SEEING them? You KNOW that they did!

Here's another challenge, friend. See how may people you can notice that you have tended NOT to notice in the past. Make an effort to take a moment and say "hello" to them, ask them how they are doing and even that you appreciate what they do. Compliment them. Wish them well and see what happens.

You just never know how YOUR comments may turn their day around for the better. And, you just never know how YOUR positive comments may "ripple" off from that person on to someone else.

Don't ever doubt that a POSITIVE mindset is very POWERFUL

Have some fun along the way and make a positive impact on your world as you do so.

And, as always, wherever you go and whatever you do, be sure to...

"Make it an AWESOME day! (Who else is going to do it for you?)"


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