Tuesday, May 24, 2016

A Revisit to the FIRST F.Y.U. Blog Article

This is a little different than what I usually do for my blog articles but, I am out for a couple of days on my motorcycle and I wanted to be sure to leave something behind for you to read and contemplate. I have "gone back in time" and decided to share the very first podcast that aired on March 2, 2009 as well as the blog article that went along with it.
Now, to be honest, there's not a whole lot to the blog article (remember, I was just starting out) so be sure to take the time to listen to the podcast - you'll be glad you did!
Here's the focus of that first article entitled, "There is HOPE - and TODAY IS THE DAY!".

I'm not going to go back over everything I talked about in that podcast entitled, "There Is Hope" but I do want to simply "touch base" on a little of it to share with you here.

In the podcast I quote a few other people on their thoughts about "hope" and I also share one that I came up with myself which is: "As long as there is breath - there is hope." (not too shabby, huh?)

Don't ever forget that! No matter how dark things may seem - no matter how hopeless they may appear --- as long as you have breath, THERE IS HOPE!

Listen to the podcast and then begin to look around you through the "eyes of HOPE" as opposed to looking thorough the darkness of doom and despair.

Please feel free to leave comments and/or ask questions - I'd love to get your feedback and hear from you.

Until next time - "Make it an AWESOME day! (Who else is going to do it for you?)"

M. Spillman

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