Wednesday, May 25, 2016

REPOST: "What Are Your Dreams Worth?"

I'm still away on a trip on my motorcycle, so I wanted to be sure to leave you with something to digest for today! (And, hey, it's not just sugar free - it's CALORIE FREE!).
This was my 2nd blog article that went along with my podcast on the same topic - just like I still do today. So, be sure to read the article but, also, be sure to listen to the podcast for the "complete package" on this topic. 


Today, on our way home for a High School state tournament basketball game I saw this sign in front of a church building (you know, those signs with changeable letters that many churches have out front?) - "Everyone loves the harvest - no one loves the plowing" and I thought, "Wow, how profound!"

As a matter of fact, it completely took me in a new direction for the podcast that I had already planned - but that's nothing unusual for me!

We all enjoy eating the fruit of the harvest whether it be watermelon, fresh peas, lettuce or whatever it is that you enjoy. But, how many of us enjoy the hours of hard work out in the sun that MUST take place in order for the harvest to take place?


But, if you want the harvest you prepare the soil, plant the seed, keep the weeds away, water and all of the other things anyway.

What are your dreams worth? Are you willing to put in the time and effort to make them come true? Are you expecting things to just drop into your lap? If so, join the millions throwing down their money with the hopes of one day winning the lottery!

Bottom line: You must be willing to put some ACTION into your DREAMS!

What's it worth? Is it worth turning off the television? Is it worth some exta time even AFTER you return home from your "real" job?

Only you can decide. If you listen to my podcast you will hear some trememdous quotes that I found on "persistence". The "value" that you have placed on your dreams will determine the level and amount of your persistence.

What's it worth? You decide and....

Make it an AWESOME day! (Who else is going to do it for you?)

Mike Spillman

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