Thursday, May 19, 2016

Find It and KEEP It!

"Find & Keep/Protect Our JOY & PURPOSE For Our Lives"
(Share & Teach Family and Others!) - PART 3    

 Imagine, if you will, Grandma having a group of her grandkids over for a visit for an afternoon when she discovers that she has lost her wedding ring. It is very special to her and she gathers her grandkids together to ask them to help her find the important ring. She even tells them that, whoever FINDS the ring will be rewarded with a special "something" from Grandma! That's all the grandkids need in order to get busy trying to find Grandma's ring. After a few minutes one of them comes running back into the house and excitedly proclaims, "Grandma! I found your ring!"  With tears in her eyes she hugs her grandchild and thanks them for finding her ring. She then says, "Now, give it to Grandma" to which the child replies, "Well, I don't have it with me...all you said I had to do was FIND it!"

As silly as that little story may seem, we can do the same thing in our lives in many different areas. The main thing I want to ensure is that we don't do that once we find our joy and purpose for our life. 

Yes, it IS important to FIND the joy and purpose for our life but, friend, there's more to it than that! Not only do we need to FIND it but we also need to do all that we can to KEEP it!

Just like Grandma's ring, the way to prevent losing our joy and purpose is to KEEP IT CLOSE at all times. And, the way that we keep it close is to "activate" and "incorporate" it into our DAILY activities.

In other words, we need to make sure that we involve ourselves in whatever it is that brings us joy and that we put it into practice as our purpose.

I guess to clarify it even further, just don't FIND IT and LEAVE it. It is important to keep it and to keep it "fresh" (if you will) by USING it each and every day. Not only will your joy and purpose be "fresh" but it will also GROW stronger due to your use. 

The more you "use" it or put it into practice as a part of your daily activities, the "wider" that circle of influence expands over the passage of time. 

Remember, it's the "ripple effect"!

In the next article we will continue this discussion and focus in on why it is so important to not only KEEP your joy and purpose but to also PROTECT it! Be sure to join me for that one, o.k.?

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And, until next time, whatever you do,  be sure to...

"Make it an AWESOME day! (Who else is going to do it for you?)"


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