Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Finding Your JOY!

"Find & Keep/Protect Our JOY & PURPOSE For Our Lives"
(Share & Teach Family and Others!)

This last section of my white board will be covered over the course of this article plus the next two. Honestly, I could spend a lot more time than this on this part of my white board - it's that important and it can be discussed in that amount of detail.
But, to keep this informative without becoming boring, I will keep it to these three articles and podcasts (you can find the links to the podcast at the end of this article). 

Notice that, in the image above, I have the words, "Still Key!" circled. That serves as a reminder to me that, no matter how much time goes by, this phrase is key now and it will be key every single day that I exist. IT IS ALWAYS KEY! 

I'm going to start off by breaking this down to the first part of this phrase - "Find (and keep/protect) your joy". Let's shorten that a bit and just get to the main point: "FIND YOUR JOY".  We'll cover the "keep and protect" part in part 3 of this section, o.k.?

So, how does one FIND their joy? Well, let me suggest to you that you not consider it as if this joy is something that has been "lost". Sure, it's possible that it has been lost, but that's for another discussion at another time. So, for now, let's rephrase this discussion to the need to "discover" and/or "uncover" your joy. 

Although the wording for this is simple, it is not necessarily a simple thing to accomplish. So, here is the simple wording: What is it that brings you JOY? 

Notice that I did not ask, "What makes you happy" but, instead, "What is it that brings you joy?".  Remember, no one - or thing - can "make" you happy or sad. But, what is it that YOU involve yourself with and in that brings about the result of JOY

Let me illustrate it this way...

Some people thoroughly ENJOY doing yard work. Being involved in keeping their grass meticulously mowed and their flowers in perfect condition brings them a feeling of joy and contentment. While, at the same time, others absolutely dread doing this kind of work.  Some people really enjoy a good long jog or walk. They enjoy knowing that they are doing something good for their health and, they may even enjoy the "quiet time" that they get as part of the process. And, again, others may find this more of a form of torture!

Part of the process of "joy" is peace and/or contentment. Again, it's not just "being happy" but it's experiencing a sense of peace and contentment as well. Along with that or, perhaps, the result of this combination,  is that this brings about a sense of fulfillment.

Maybe these thoughts will help you as you think about what it is that brings about JOY in and for your life. Consider these factors and you will find the answer.  

Hey listen, this doesn't mean that this will be something that you will be able to earn a living from BUT, at the same time, it WILL bring about a REASON for truly living. Make sense?  

I left this little hint on the podcast so I want to be sure to leave it with you here: Many people find that this sense of joy, peace, contentment and fulfillment comes when they are doing something to help others. 

Think about that and share your thoughts with me on the Future You University fan page on Facebook - I'd love to hear from you! 

In my next blog article, we'll take a look at finding your PURPOSE in life. Guess what? These two are very closely related so, be sure to come back and join me as we continue this discussion.

Again, as a reminder, if you haven't done so yet, you need to listen to the podcast on today's topic. Just click one of the links at the bottom of this article to do so. There is SO MUCH MORE information and additional thoughts that I share with you there that is not found in this article. 

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As always, THANKS for joining me today and, please, share this with as many as possible and always be sure to keep moving forward, closer to your dream!

And, until next time, whatever you do,  be sure to...

"Make it an AWESOME day! (Who else is going to do it for you?)"


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