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CONCLUSION: "Share and Teach Family and Others!"

"Learning", of any type, is achieved through sharing of information. Wouldn't you agree?
Parents, teachers, and others pass along information to our children and they learn - good or bad - that which is shared with them. 

If you will notice on the picture above, I have circled the focus of today's article: "Share and Teach Family and Others!". When I originally wrote the main phrase about finding and keeping our joy and peace, I realized that it was also important to TEACH and SHARE and, especially, to do so with FAMILY FIRST and then others. 

Let's talk about sharing and teaching with our family first. There are not many things that are more valuable than to help our children learn how to find JOY and PURPOSE in their lives. Notice I said, "teach them HOW TO FIND" and not, "tell them what it is". That's one thing we must be careful of and avoid. We can NOT tell anyone else what it is that brings joy and purpose in their life but we CAN help them in the process of discovering that for themselves. 

Go back and read again the articles on finding our joy and also on finding our purpose and use some of the information there to help in this process. We can help our children understand that, often, we find true joy while serving others. We can point out how this is discussed and promoted in the Bible as well as just about every "positive information" source that has ever been printed. You can also hear just about every motivational speaker say the same thing (as well as write the same thing).  WHY? Because it's true!

Helping our children to discover joy through serving as well as helping them understand that they DO have a purpose in life and it begins in the world that is nearest to them - their world - is one of the greatest things we can do for them. Help them to understand that, when we say that their purpose in life begins in "their world" that we are not saying that they are the "center of the universe of their world". Make sense? 

And, don't forget, they will learn best by observing what YOU AND I do in our own lives. That's right - they're watching us!

SHARING AND TEACHING OTHERS - I'll start this part of the article where I finished the last one. Those around us will most often "learn" through observing how we put this into practice in our own lives. Don't miss the importance of this and, especially, how it relates to this process with others (non-family).

Here's a little "warning" for you: If you try to "tell" everyone what to do in this area, you will likely be met with resistance and ridicule. And, when you have a "bad day", you will hear about it from them because you have already presented yourself as an "expert" in the area. Hey, I'm just being real here. People don't like to be "told" or "preached at" by others. 

Here's how this works with others...

Your example through discovering this in your own life will work as a "magnet" for some and it will draw them to you. Notice I said, "some". Not everyone will pay attention and not everyone WANTS to find joy in their life. I know that sounds odd but, truth be told, a lot of people ENJOY being miserable regardless of what they say.  (Also be aware that these are the same people that will likely do as much as they can to ridicule you and discourage you along the way. They are miserable and they want everyone else to be miserable as well).

But, there are those that will be "drawn" to you and the way that you handle yourself. Living a life of joy and purpose will automatically draw others to you and, many times, they will want to know HOW you are able to live life the way that you do. Don't take this as a sign to "dump it all" on them at one time! No, just take the time to share with them a little at a time - over time - so that it can be absorbed along the way. Most importantly, continue to SHOW THEM by how you live. 

You can share these articles with them. You can also share that free resource from Jack Canfield that I discussed recently (and I highly recommend that). Just go to jackcanfield.com and look for the 10 Day Transformation Course and sign up for it - again, it's FREE!

Help them understand (and this applies to our family as well) that this is something that takes time and that it is a process. It's not a magical formula that happens overnight. Every person is different and it will take some people longer than others.

That's o.k.

Life is a marathon and not a sprint. Enjoy the journey and don't focus solely on the destination. 

Thank you for allowing me to experience joy and purpose in my life through sharing this blog and my podcast with you on a regular basis. I do mean that - THANK YOU!

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And, until next time, whatever you do,  be sure to...

"Make it an AWESOME day! (Who else is going to do it for you?)"



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