Monday, May 16, 2016


"I am made in the image of God, therefore, I AM AMAZING!"

" I will praise You, for I am fearfully and wonderfully made..." is part of a verse found in Psalm 139:14 in the Bible. As a believer, it gives me confidence in knowing that I, indeed, am AMAZING!

Over the past seven years of doing this blog and my podcast (see links at end of this article) I have mentioned the following phrase several times: "God doesn't make junk!"

The phrase listed below the image is what I actually have written on my white board that you see highlighted in that image. It is actually and addition to my "7 Daily Affirmations" that I now say along with those affirmations. That's why - if you enlarge the image - you can see a #8 at the start of that phrase. 

Again, this phrase goes along with so many of the things that I have shared with you over the past couple of weeks. In this world of negativity, it is important for me to ACKNOWLEDGE and ABSORB the FACT that "I am somebody special!" (#1 of my 7 Affirmations). And, as a part of that, I acknowledge the fact that I am special because of my Creator

That doesn't mean that I just sit back and "take it easy" and expect others to wait on me and serve me because "I am somebody special". Not at all!

Actually, it's just the opposite. Understanding that I have been "fearfully and wonderfully" made challenges me and pushes me to BE somebody special  by BEING - through ACTION - somebody special. I have the ability, the privilege and the responsibility to use the talents and ability that have been bestowed upon me by my God to help encourage others and bless the lives of others along the way. 

And, friend, I believe that this is true about you - and FOR you - as well. 

Do you desire to change the world? Here's how you do it - you start by changing YOUR world, the world in which you live. You do that by encouraging others and blessing the lives of others around you one person at a time and one day at a time.

Visualize how that type of action will spread far and wife due to the "ripple effect" that WILL come from such actions. 

For me, I don't know that there is anything more fulfilling than to have a young adult come up to me and share with me how I impacted their life sometime in the past. It's pretty powerful and, at the same time, it's very humbling!

Hey listen, look at yourself in the mirror and look yourself right in the eye and declare this truth and do it on a daily basis: "I am made in the image of God, therefore, I AM AMAZING!" 

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And, until next time, whatever you do,  be sure to...

"Make it an AWESOME day! (Who else is going to do it for you?)"


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