Thursday, February 2, 2012


This is "THANKFUL THURSDAY" all for which YOU have to be thankful!

How many of you have ever watched the show "Hoarders"? And, if you have, how many of you have watched in utter disgust and disbelief that ANYONE could live that way?

Yet, how many of us DO live this way when it comes to the "garbage" that we allow into our lives and the lives of those around us - yes, especially our children? Friend, whether you realize it or not, we ALL probably allow more trash/garbage into our minds and lives than we want to admit or even realize.
G.I.G.O. = "garbage in/garbage out". This is a phrase used to describe the need for accuracy in computer programming. A computer is only as "smart" and as "accurate" as the information that is programmed into it in the first place. (Hey, listen - I'm not a computer geek so don't get upset if I word something incorrectly, o.k.? Thank you!).

Maybe even envision it this way: If you put gasoline into your car that is contaminated with either water or even bits of trash, then your car - no matter what the cost or what size the engine - will not run very well. G.I.G.O.

Do you find yourself to be in a negative mood much of the time? Perhaps it's time to do a "check up from the neck up". Maybe it's time to really take a look at what kind of information we are allowing into our mind and, as a result, our mindset. Positive mindset or negative mindset?

It's SOOOO easy for us to get careless and not pay much attention to what we allow in our minds. It's easy to let down our guard and even justify allowing a "little bit" of trash to slip in. Hey friend, it only takes a "little bit" of trash to bring ANY machine down not to mention how a "little bit" of trash/unhealthy foods each day adds up to MAJOR problems with our physical bodies as well as the impact on our brains.

As one guy said in a movie, "And that's a fact, Jack!"

What do you read? What do you watch on t.v. and how MUCH of it do you watch? What do you listen to on the radio or via mp3 players, etc.? Who do you listen to on a daily basis by spending time with them? What do you say to YOURSELF (self-talk)?

All of these are areas that we MUST pay close attention to IF we are really serious about performing at our best. It all starts in the mind and with our mindset.

What are YOU "putting in/allowing in" and what are you getting out? Don't expect excellence out of garbage. IT JUST WON'T HAPPEN!

Hopefully this blog as well as the podcast is a help for you in this area. Take advantage of this material as well as others that offer such positive information and see what happens in your life.

I hope you'll join me tomorrow for another powerful and positive message. Until then, be sure to...

"Make it an AWESOME day! (Who else is going to do it for you?)"

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