Wednesday, February 15, 2012

You Are Able to TOUCH and CHANGE Lives

Today is "Wide-Open Wednesday"...what will YOU do with today's wide-open opportunity?

So far this week we have discussed two of my "7 Life-Changing, Life-Directing, Powerful Daily Affirmations" and, as you might guess, I will be continuing on with the third of these seven in today's article. For those that have yet to listen to the podcast that goes along with all of this, I'll go ahead and share with you the total list of all seven before I continue today's thought. Here we go:

1: I am somebody SPECIAL!
2: I AM ABLE to accomplish GREAT things!
3: I AM ABLE to TOUCH and CHANGE many lives for the better!
4: I will not allow ANYONE to determine the size of my dreams1 THEY ARE MINE!
5: I AM A GIVER - not a taker!
6: I WILL take steps on this journey TODAY!

Again, if you have not listened to or read the previous topics (the first two affirmations) before now, take a few moments and do that. Why is this important? Because the very first affirmation is the BUILDING BLOCK and FOUNDATIONAL PRINCIPLE upon which the remaining six affirmations are built.

Because of WHO you are (one created in the image of God) you are, indeed somebody special! And, based on this fact you ARE able to accomplish "great" things and, among those great things is your ability to TOUCH and CHANGE the lives of those around you that you come into contact with each and every day.

Take a moment and just think about all of the people that you have had more than just a "passing connection" with over the past five years. I'm not talking about those people that you came into contact just once (those would be the "passing connection" people I mentioned - although you DID have an impact on them as well!) but those that you come into contact maybe even two or three times in a week.

The waiter/waitress at your favorite restaurant, the garage attendant at your parking garage, your doorman, your co-workers, your friends at church, your spouse's family, your family, your children, friends of your children and on and on we could go. Think about that just for a moment and try to come up with an estimate of how many different people you've had contact with, like these, over the past five years.

My guess is that you will likely come up with a larger number than you would have thought in the beginning. Now, double that number and then triple it. Why do that? Because, whether we realize it or not, the impact we make on other people is transferred to  people that THEY come into contact with in THEIR daily lives!

WOW! When you think of it this way you do, indeed, have impact on far more lives that we can even begin to imagine! Here's the kicker - that impact can be either NEGATIVE or POSITIVE!

What impact would you say that you "generally" have on those around you? Oh, I know we all have days when we are a bit short with people and maybe aren't as positive as we normally are. That happens. But friend, what IS your "norm"?

Listen, when you even just consider the impact you make upon hundreds - if not thousands - of lives just from the impact upon your children, it can be almost overwhelming. Your children and all of those that they connect with throughout their school years and even through college as well as the co-workers that they will have in their career. Combine that with their friends and then their own children (your grandchildren) and on and on it goes.


You see friend, it is not about HUGE and MIGHTY things when we discuss this. Sure, it CAN be and you MAY touch many lives in ways that not many can or do but - DON'T MISS THIS POINT - your ability to touch and change many lives for the better begins right now and right where you are. TODAY.

We must stop waiting for some great opportunity before we touch lives and realize that this opportunity is here before us this very day. NOW.

So, touch and change the lives of those that you come into contact with today and every day and just imagine how far-reaching that impact will be and then smile as you go about your day.

And, as you do so...

"Be sure to make it an AWESOME day! (Who else is going to do it for you?)"

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