Friday, February 17, 2012

Say It and BELIEVE It!

This is "FUN FRIDAY!" - Enjoy your day and don't forget to SMILE and SHARE that smile!

This week we have looked at the first four of my "7 Life-Changing, Life-Directing, Powerful Daily Affirmations" and, today, I want to take a look back and check your progress.

One of the EASIEST things to do is to TALK about what you want to do or need to do and then to NEVER do it! Hey, we see this every day, right? You can easily spot it in those that are around you but, the fact is, it's also easy for us to spot it in ourselves but we just don't want to ADMIT it about ourselves!

It's EASY to say, "I'll start doing these affirmations TOMORROW" and to keep repeating that each and every time we are blessed with a new day. Bottom line - it never gets done and our lives remain the same while we scratch our heads and wonder why nothing is changing.


So, truthfully, how are you doing with this so far? Are you actually TRYING this out to see if, perhaps, it WILL make a difference in your day? If not, WHY NOT?

Don't just give it the four days that have passed so far! Try it for a solid month and see if, for one, it doesn't get easier to do and, secondly, if it doesn't start becoming something that you begin to FEEL in your day.

I can promise you that there are many of you that are reading this that have a hard time BELIEVING these affirmations. You feel foolish saying them because you don't believe them in the first place. DO IT ANYWAY and say it ANYWAY and see if your belief about these things and yourself don't begin to change.


But you MUST say these things repeatedly (DAILY) and you must allow yourself to BELIEVE them to be true - even if you're not 100% sure in the beginning.

Beginning Monday I will continue with the remaining three affirmations but, instead of waiting until I've covered all seven, I wanted to do a "check up" on what I've covered with you so far this week.

Write them out or print them out and post them on or right next to your mirror and then SAY THEM and BELIEVE THEM! It WILL make a difference.

Until next time...

"Make it an AWESOME day! (Who else is going to do it for you?)"

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