Wednesday, February 1, 2012

What Would YOU Do If...

It's "Wide-Open Wednesday"...what will YOU do with this special gift?

What would YOU do if today - yes, today - you could do ANYTHING that you wanted to do and/or go anywhere you wanted to go? What if, what if, what if!

Many of us have had such thoughts and, too often, "fantasies" of such a happening for our lives and, many times it is associated with the thought of, "If you only had 2 weeks to live, what would you do?"

Isn't it kind of sad that we have to associate our pending DOOM in order to think that way? Queen Latifah stars in a movie that came out in 2005 entitled, "Last Holiday" in which she is mistakenly told she only has a short time to live. And, friend, live she did! Money was no object because, after all, you can't take it with you and she was no longer afraid to live the live she had only dreamed of before. She DID have a bit of a money issue once she realized that the diagnosis was a mistake - but she learned to truly "live" her life!

Bottom line, here's the truth: Today (any day) you CAN do anything you want to do! Sure, there may be obligations, responsibilities and our moral compass that keeps us from acting upon some things without thought or regard to others or these responsibilities but...the truth is that you CAN if you want.

Many do so every day REGARDLESS of these responsibilities leaving destruction in their wake. Families have been destroyed by one or both parents deciding to do what they wanted to do without any thought (or little thought) to those hurt by such decisions.

However, I'd like you to consider a more positive approach to this topic. Sure, you may not be able to leave all the stress and responsibilities of your life behind (although some try by faking their disappearance) but there ARE things you can do today that, for whatever reason, you have thought were out of your reach.

Have you decided that you are stuck at your job and there is nothing you can do about it? NOT TRUE! Sure, think wisely and make a wise decision but, at the same time, it may take a sudden and decisive action in order for you to stop TALKING about it and start TAKING ACTION with it.

Many people feel that they must wait until they can "afford it" before they have children. I understand the thought and I also agree to a certain extent but, my friend, you'll NEVER be able to 'afford" the expense of raising a child. If you wait until you think you can afford the financial AND emotional cost and investment then you will NEVER have that child. You will continue to TALK about that child but you will never HOLD that child in your arms!

Hey, listen to the podcast (on iTunes - or via the RSS feed - ) to get some more insight on this topic and think on this yourself.

Don't come to the end of your life saying, "What if..." or "If I only had done..."

Remember, TODAY is all we have and, as you go through this day be sure to...

"Make it an AWESOME day! (Who else is going to do it for you?)"

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