Thursday, February 23, 2012

I Can! I Will! I MUST!

Today is "Thankful Thursday"...remember and express YOUR thanks!

We've come to the last of my "7 Life-Changing, Life-Directing, Powerful, Daily Affirmations" with, "I CAN! I WILL! I MUST!"

If you haven't done so already, be sure to go back and "catch up" on the previous 6 Daily Affirmations that I've covered so far so that you can understand this last affirmation. Seriously, "I can, will and must WHAT?" That's kind of funny to me - think about it. You need to have an idea of what I'm talking about, right?

As important as it is to stand in front of a mirror and affirm these things on a daily basis it is equally if not of MORE importance to have this last one down with a FIRM BELIEF... "I CAN! I WILL! I MUST!"

Go back to that very first affirmation - the building block or foundational principle of all of the remaining six - and understand that, indeed, you CAN because of WHO YOU ARE... one that has been made in the IMAGE OF GOD! Then, understanding that you must determine that, not only are you ABLE to accomplish this task, but that you WILL do so!

PAY ATTENTION HERE... your passion must be such in this that you must also believe deep down that it is a NECESSITY and that it is something that you MUST achieve and accomplish!

If you've lost that passion then you might want to go back and "re-discover" your "WHY" - the REASON that you began this journey in the first place. Whatever it was, there was a REAL REASON as to WHY you wanted/needed to make a change in your life and, perhaps, for the lives of your family. WHAT WAS IT? Is it STILL a need today? Is it STILL a necessity today? Is it STILL a PASSION today?

If not, why not? What has changed? Has anything changed?

If nothing has changed - if things are the same as they were when you decided something needed to change - then you MUST ask yourself and determine if you are treating this as the NECESSITY that you felt it was in the beginning. Right?

DO NOT GIVE UP! This is something that is designed to BETTER your life and perhaps better the life of your family. And, as a result, it is also something that CAN (and should) enable you to better the lives of others that you may or may not know. (Remember, "Be a GIVER Not a TAKER!").

Hey friend...keep moving, don't give up, keep your eyes on your WHY and keep your eyes on your goals and dreams. You CAN! You WILL! You MUST!

And, as you do so, be sure to...

"Make it an AWESOME day! (Who else is going to do it for you?)"

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