Friday, February 3, 2012

Think on THESE Things

It's FUN FRIDAY! What can YOU do today to bring smiles to those around you?

Before I start let me make sure you know you can follow the daily podcast on the same topics here:

Have you ever heard the saying, "God moves in mysterious ways."? I'm sure most of us have and, honestly, many times when I've heard it used, it was used out of context and in a poor manner trying to explain some tragedy when, quite honestly, the person speaking should have just remained silent.

Here's the thing: I recorded the podcast for today over a week ago. With the job that I'm working right now I try to do at least one week's worth of podcast ahead of time so that I can make sure I don't get behind. Honestly, that's a little hard to do because I like to TRY to talk about things that are relevant and, many times, this happens due to global happenings or just things that I observe from day to day. And, honestly, after I had recorded this week's worth of podcasts I decided not to do the second weeks worth like I did last time because I wanted to wait and see if anything NEW popped up that got my attention. It did and now let me explain.

I recorded this podcast over a week ago. I'm writing this article on Thursday so that it is ready for publication on Friday. (Now maybe you can see how easy it is for me to get confused!). This article speaks more from scripture than I usually have in my podcasts/articles but I felt it was one worth using and exploring in the realm of having a positive mindset. Now, I'll talk more about this in Monday's podcast/article but since the beginning of my podcasts and articles back in March of 2009 I have purposely tried to stay away from using the Bible very much even though I have been a minister for years.

Why? I wanted to try to reach a "bigger audience" without coming across too "churchy" while still using spiritual principles. Again, I'll talk more about this on Monday but something powerful struck me last night while at a mid-week worship assembly. And it was right up the alley of the topic of today's subject matter that was prepared over a week ago.

Listen to the podcast which was recorded before this event on Wednesday night because I think there is a LOT of valuable information there but BE SURE TO PAY ATTENTION to what I'm saying here.

Friend, bottom line... you can't expect good stuff in your life and from your life as long as we continue to allow so much "garbage/junk" in it as was discussed in yesterday's information. So, not only is it important to GET RID OF THE JUNK in our lives and in our minds, but it is likely MORE IMPORTANT to pay close attention to what we use to REPLACE THE JUNK with GOOD, POSITIVE influences.

I encourage you to read the scripture that I refer to in today's podcast (Philippians 4:8) and really consider the things listed there that we are encouraged to meditate upon or think on. IT WILL MAKE A DIFFERENCE and this point was driven home to me once again during last night's event.

And I honestly believe that there is no way around it. Whether you believe in God or the Bible or not -- you cannot discount the VALUE of what is discussed in this part of Holy Scripture. Check it out for yourself, put it in to practice on a daily basis and see what happens!

And, as you begin to experience the POSITIVE change that will take place in your life, whatever you do and AS YOU DO IT, be sure to...

"Make it an AWESOME day! (Who else is going to do it for you?)"

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