Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Believe in Yourself!

As we continue through our look at the "positive affirmations alphabet" (my own title) we move on to the letter "B" and want to focus on the thought, "Believe in Yourself!".
It would be safe to say, even at this early stage in this series of topics, that each of these are absolute NECESSITIES! For example, in order to move on toward your hopes, dreams and goals one MUST avoid negativity as we discussed yesterday. And so it is with our topic today.
If one does not have BELIEF IN ONE'S SELF, then they will not accomplish much in their life. They will live their life based on what everyone else thinks and the opinions of others as to what direction they should take with their life.
"Oh, I have NO PROBLEM with belief in myself!" Really? When was the last time that you "stepped out" in a new direction that caused those around you to question the sanity of what you were doing? Think about it - this is a pretty good test for us to really see how easily it is for our faith in ourselves to be shaken.
If you have ever announced to those around you, "After much consideration, I am going to quit my job with all of it's benefits and start my own business!" you were likely met with quite a bit of negative comment. It may be disguised in softer ways ("Are you sure you really want to do that?") but it is still comments that are saying to you, "ARE YOU NUTS?" In this situation, how many people have to question what you are thinking about doing before you begin to question it yourself?
Yes, there is value for input and advice from others. However, let's make sure that the input and advice we actually listen to is from those that have "valuable" insight. Most of the time it's just those around us that think we shouldn't do such a thing with no real "qualification" to give such advice.
Do you believe in yourself strongly enough to stand even if no one stands with you?
So, perhaps, we should take the title of today's entry one step further...
"Believe in Yourself (Even When No One Else Does)"
That's when it gets tough! That's when our "foundation" that we have worked on and built over time really begins to be tested. How strong IS your foundation of belief?
Believe me, you WILL be tested in this area MANY TIMES as you move toward your goals and dreams. How do you combat this?
If you haven't done so - get the book, "Think & Grow Rich" by Napoleon Hill (you can get a free copy - just pay S/H at my website, http://www.FutureYouUniversity.com , on the "links" tab) and/or go back and find the podcast that I did on this great book -- and especially read/listen to the section that talks about BELIEF.
You MUST believe in yourself to the point that your subconscious mind kicks in and reaffirms this belief when you begin to doubt in yourself or your ideas, plans, thoughts, goals and dreams.
And, yes, going back to yesterdays message - this is easier to do when we AVOID negativity!
Part of this belief can be found in my closing each and every day....
"Make it an AWESOME day! (Who else is going to do it for you?)"

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