Thursday, October 8, 2009


I shared how the following scenario really bothers me:
I pass by a hitchhiker sitting on the side of the road. Yes, sitting. Sitting on a suitcase or some sort of bundle - but sitting on the side of the road. Two or three hours later I come back by and that person is still sitting in the exact same spot...still sitting and waiting for someone to pick them up. They haven't taken one step toward their destination. They are sitting in front of a convenience store which means this is likely where they were let off by their last ride. Sitting and waiting for someone else to carry them along their journey.

Did I say that THIS DRIVES ME NUTS!!!?

As disturbing as this is to me, it is even MORE disturbing when I see people doing this with their LIVES!

Yes, maybe your life has taken a detour as we talked about in yesterday's message. Yes, maybe you've even had to change "vehicles" along the way or maybe you're not even sure if you HAVE a "vehicle" to get you where you plan to go right now.

So, what do you do?

You see, I have no problem with someone walking or hitchhiking IF that is the only way for them to get where they are going. I have even been known to pick a hitchhiker up (not often, mind you) if they looked as if they were really making an effort to move toward their destination.

And, yet, even at times I have been surprised by the response by those that I have stopped to help. I share in the podcast of one guy that, when I told him I was only going about another mile before I'd have to let him out (and this next mile was up a steep hill and it was raining at the time) was told, "THAT'S NOT FAR ENOUGH!" and he slammed the door.


But this I can tell you - I will NEVER stop to pick someone up like I described at the start of this blog entry. Sitting. Not even attempting to make a move.

Have you given up? Are you waiting for someone else to deliver you to your planned destination? You know - goals and dreams?

Friend, if you are waiting for that - you will be greatly disappointed! NO ONE - and I repeat, NO ONE - can do that for you!

Sure, you can get some help along the way. For example, that is the purpose of this podcast and blog - to help or aid you along your journey. But I can't take you to your destination. I can help by putting some "fuel" in your "vehicle" - but I can't take you where you want to go.

Stop sitting by the side of the road WAITING for someone to do this for you. GET UP AND GET GOING!

Only you can do that. And, if need be....stick that hand out with your thumb up if you need some help. But...KEEP MOVING toward your destination and you WILL get there!

Even today. Yes, right now. Today. It begins here...

"Make it an AWESOME day! (Who else is going to do it for you?)"


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