Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Hold On To YOUR Dreams!

"Hold On To YOUR Dreams!"
I know that I shared some similar thoughts a few weeks ago on this, but as we continue thorough our "positive alphabet" we come back to it once again. And it is VITAL to our success to understand this truth!
First and foremost notice that the word "your" is highlighted. This is to emphasize the fact that you must pursue YOUR dreams and not the dreams of someone else. Sometimes, as parents, we put our dreams on the backs of our children and expect them to reach them for us - usually with disastrous results. This is true anytime anyone tries to live the dreams of someone else.
One way to check yourself on this is to simply ask yourself the question, "Why?".
WHY is this my dream/goal?
WHY is this something that I desire?
WHY am I pursuing this?
WHAT is this dream worth?
WHAT is it's value?
Yes, I know I went from "Why" to "What", but you understand that even the "what" goes back to your "why", right?
You see, if your answer to the first "why" listed above is, "Because it would make ___________ very happy if I did" - then it is not YOUR dream.
If it is truly YOUR dream, then your answer to the question, "What is this dream worth?" will be something along the lines of, "Whatever it takes" and you will mean it!
So, first, ascertain if the dream is truly yours. And then, if it is, go for it and hold on tight!
Why is it so important to "hold on" to these dreams?
It's simple - the negative forces in the world will do all they can to take your dreams from you! You can word this any way you wish...you can put names on the "negative forces" if you'd like... but, the bottom line is this: there are those out there that do not want you to reach your dream!
Isn't that sad? Sad, but true.
Many people around us do not want us to reach our dream because it makes them look bad and feel bad. Perhaps they, too, had a dream and got discouraged and quit, never reaching their dream. So, if they didn't reach their dream they do not want you to reach yours! You may think that this is an impossibility with your "friends" and that they would never wish you anything but the best. That would be wonderful if it were always true - but it is not always true. Again, just simply think about how many negative comments come from these "friends" if you begin to talk about your dream.
Many of the people around us do not want us to reach our dream because they do not have the desire or drive to do what is necessary to reach theirs. So, it is easier to try to drag you down to where they are and to try to keep you there.
In today's podcast I used the example of the stagecoach coming to town. Now, if you are not a fan of some of the old Westerns then you may not know what I am talking about. Here's the basic scenario: Everyone knows that the stagecoach is coming and that there is valuable cargo on board - perhaps payroll or a large bank deposit. There is great anticipation and excitement for some and - as always is the case - there is also a group of people making their plans to rob that stagecoach and take the treasure as their own.
They (the bad guys) know that there will likely be some extra guards on this stagecoach to protect the treasure so they (the bad guys) make sure that they round up enough help to make sure that they have success in this dastardly deed!
Here's the thing - not only do they rob the stagecoach and take the treasure, but they then also rob each passenger of whatever valuables that they may have!
This is how negativity in our world works even today! Your dream is a VALUABLE TREASURE to you and, perhaps, to the welfare of your family. In your excitement you have told others about your dream and how you plan to reach your goals and make this dream a reality!
I know all of this sounds negative - but it really is not! It is imperative for each and every one of us to understand that there will be times that we must even FIGHT for our dream!
There will be times that we may even have to make difficult decisions about who we claim as friends. Think about this: why would you want to include in your circle of "friends" anyone who is trying to steal or kill your dream? Why would you want to surround yourself with anyone that is trying to make NEGATIVE deposits in your "mind bank" while you are working hard everyday to make nothing but POSITIVE deposits there?
It all comes back to your answer of the value and worth of your dream.
Listening to the podcast, reading this blog as well as filling your mind with other like-minded sources is a major defense against those who would try to rob you of your dream.
I will continue to do all that I can to help aid you in this process! Hey, just remember this - I need it everyday as well! Yes, I, too, have people that try to derail my plans for my future and dreams!
So, friend - we are in this TOGETHER and, TOGETHER we can accomplish much more than what we can on our own!
Hold on and hold on tight! And, as always...
"Make it an AWESOME day! (Who else is going to do it for you?)"

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