Friday, October 2, 2009

Will YOU Pass Up FREE MONEY???

You've seen this before IF you've read my notes - but this is something that, if you pass it up, someone should pop you up side your head! Seriously!

BLASTOFF is coming and it is going to be HUGE! And, the key thing is that it is FREE for your use and it is also a FREE way for you to get money from those that get their BLASTOFF page from you. YES, it IS free!

Check out my BLASTOFF page here:

How do I already have my BLASTOFF page even though you won't be able to sign up on my page until October 12th? That's the other part of the puzzle that may or may not be for you --- but it's an incredible opportunity! (No, you don't have to involve yourself in this part in order to get and use BLASTOFF...but why wouldn't you? By doing so you also get another 10 degrees for a total of 20.)

What am I talking about with all of this?

Honestly, the BEST way for you to get a good idea about both BLASTOFF and the other opportunity and how they can work together is to view this approx. 25 minute video - believe me, it will be worth your time.

DON'T MISS THIS POINT! This BLASTOFF thing is going to be SO huge - you DO NOT want to miss out on getting in at the's's fun...and you will be able to sign up through my page starting October 12th.

Questions? Comments? Want to know more? Just simply get back to me.

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