Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Consider Every Angle!

"Consider Things From Every Angle"
Now, as we begin this discussion, I want to first address what this does NOT mean - make sure you clearly understand this point!
You cannot ANALYZE to the point that you begin to PARALYZE - see what I mean? Yes, it's good to be thorough and to consider things carefully, however, we can do so to the point of spending so much time LOOKING or THINKING that we never get into the DOING part of the equation.
For example...we all want to be safe when we drive, right? So, one might decide that they need to check out the safety of the automobile before getting behind the wheel. They walk around the car, check out the tires, look underneath to make sure nothing is loose and hanging down, they check the wiper blades to make sure they are still in good shape, check all the windows to make sure they aren't cracked, look under the hood to make sure everything looks good there and then....they do it a 2nd time and then a 3rd time and then a 4th time. They spend 4 hours doing this process not realizing that they could have been well on their way and, perhaps, even back from the journey that they were going to go on.
They OVERDID the CHECKING and never even got behind the wheel to begin the DRIVING!
So, yes, do your homework, but remember that, at some point you must "get behind the wheel and drive"!
So, now, I want to look at this in a little bit different way than perhaps you thought I would (See? I'm considering this from a different angle! :) ).
Sometimes we can approach things with "tunnel vision" - know what I mean? We can be so focused on how we think something should be done that we cannot see any other possible ways that may even be better than our own. PRIDE and STUBBORNNESS sometimes gets in the way in this area - and we all struggle with one or the other (sometimes both) to some extent in our own lives.
Although we DO want to "AVOID the negative" as we talked about a couple of days ago, there ARE those people that we can and perhaps should check with for advice, guidance and ideas. They may can help us consider angles that we never even saw!
These people should be those that are "like-minded" in our positive outlook and focus. They should be people that we respect to the point that we will listen to their thoughts and consider them rather than dismiss them. They should be people that will not try to shut our dreams down, but, at the same time, can give sound advice that may correct us - if needed - and encourage us at the same time!
Think about this - if you are in some MLM organization you know what I mean by "upline", right? Your direct "upline" would be the person that "sponsored" you into the business and they are usually the one that you go to for help - HOPEFULLY! Notice this - just because they are given the title of "sponsor" or even "mentor" does not necessarily make it so!
Sometimes these people disappear completely and you are left alone to figure it all out. This is not good. Sometimes these people are what I call "rah-rah" people in that they cheer on EVERYTHING you do whether it be good or bad, right or wrong because they don't want to discourage you. This, too, is NOT good!
We need someone that will cheer us on and encourage us AND at the same time correct and guide us when needed! They can help us consider things from a different angle. This type of person would truly fit the description of "mentor"!
So, again - OPEN YOUR EYES! Take some time to see things around you that, perhaps, you have not noticed before. Open your eyes and open the parameter that you have been using as your guide and you may be surprised at what you find!
Do this not only with opportunities but also with people around you. OPEN YOUR EYES and try to see past all of the things we so often use to judge and discriminate against people. Look past how they look, how they dress, where they are from (or any number of items) and try to see WHO THEY REALLY ARE.
This, too, will help you as you move toward your goals and dreams.
OPEN YOUR EYES and see the opportunities and the possibilities that surround us all every single day! Wow! Think about that and LIVE today!
And, as always...
"Make it an AWESOME day! (Who else is going to do it for you?)"

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