Monday, October 19, 2009

Something to Consider

One of the things that was emphasized at the recent seminar I attended in Springfield, MO. was that we ALL need more than ONE "stream of income". Now, I've heard and read this many times but it is always good to hear it again.

What is meant by "stream of income"?

Anything that brings income into your life is a "stream of income". Yes, picture it as a stream that is bringing money into your account!

Here's the problem - most people have only ONE stream of income and, regardless of how GOOD (or well-paying) that particular stream is we must all ask ourselves the question, "What happens if/when that stream 'dries up'?"

"Oh, but my 'stream' would never 'dry up'!" -- Oh really?

Those who have been laid off have had this happen to them. ("But not me!" you say)
Those who have been "let go" from their jobs have had this happen to them. ("But not me!")
Those who retire (willingly or forced retirement) have had this happen to them. ("But not me!")

O.k., let's just stop here for a moment --- retirement? How many people have seen their retirement disappear because of the actions of the "higher ups" in their company. Some that had hundreds of thousands of dollars set up for retirement now have nothing! Beyond that, most people simply don't have enough to live by during their retirement years and they depend on government help to get by. YES, THIS COULD BE YOU!

Your "income stream" can "dry up" in any number of ways. Here's the key question that you must ask yourself:

"If I were to stop working - voluntarily or involuntarily - what would happen?"

You see, doctors get paid a lot of money - but not unless they do the work! And, so it is for a majority of people!

What happens if you get sick or some injury keeps you from continuing to work? What then?

None of us wants any of this to happen in our own lives yet it happens to people every single day - perhaps it has already happened to you.

The solution? Work harder and longer hours? Well, again, what happens when you are no longer able to do that? Um....get another job? Yes, that will bring you more money in IF you have the time for an extra job BUT we still go back to square one if/when you are unable to DO that extra job.

The solution? Additional streams of income that will eventually continue on even when you are not "working" for that stream of income. The more you have, the better off you are. One speaker at this seminar suggested that we all need seven streams of income and I have heard some talk of 40 and 50 streams of income that they have set up.

The key? Even if one stream "dries up", there are many more that will be able to carry the "burden" of this event. So, this helps us understand that, the more streams we have the better it is.

"But I don't have TIME for anything else!" I certainly understand that! That is why it is also important to find an opportunity that will allow you to build an extra stream of income on a part-time basis. One can continue on with this "part-time" or, if they so choose, devote "full-time" to it at a later date. Oh, and another KEY thing to remember is this - "residual income" (income that you continue to get paid on in the future from the work you do today).

Friend, I do believe I have found the opportunity that answers all of the criteria I have mentioned above. And, I want you to know, that I am not stopping here - I am continuing to search and check out and learn so that I may expand my "streams of income" even more.

Let's get to the point. Let's get straight to the information that you desire. Let's make it plain and simple and make it a "one-stop-shop".

There is your answer to another "stream of income". A legitimate "work-from-home" opportunity that provides a legitimate service that is backed by a strong, legitimate company.

If you understand the concept of needing to create more than one stream of income (perhaps your spouse can work on/with this new "stream") then please take the time to check this out thoroughly.

1. If you have ANY questions, please get in touch with me.
2. Please don't sign up for ANYTHING (product service OR opportunity) without contacting me first. I simply want to make sure we do it all correctly so that you do not come across any problems.

That's all I ask.

Here's the thing --- you'll never know unless you check it out for yourself.

Even if this is not what you are looking for (and it may not be!), do yourself a favor and start building your financial security and future by developing additional streams of income - this is a MUST for both your security AND your future!

"Make it an AWESOME day! (Who else is going to do it for you?)"


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